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Ukraine’s Debt, and Why Gas Prices Went up Today.


On april 7, Ukraine was supposed to pay 540 mil for gas Ukraine consumed in March. Ukraine flat out refused. Gazprom then revoked Ukraine’s gas discounts.

Russia did not want to be left with the bill seeing that it was the EU and the US who caused Ukraine to default on their contract. They also did not want to continue supplying Ukraine with free gas for the next 20 years.

Russia offered to host a meeting with EU and the US to discuss the matters however. Such has been the position that Russia has
taken ever since all this started. Diplomacy and dialogue.

Poland and similarly aligned countries offered to route some of their gas back to Ukraine, but this would require modifications to the existing gas infrastructure, and it would involve very expensive measures.

The simplest alternative to this (they proposed), would be to let Ukraine siphon the gas that is currrently being pumped through the existing infrastructure, while the other countries collect the gas that is leftover. A breach of contract with Gazprom whereby their agreement stipulates that the gas that is supplied by Gazprom shall not be resold or redistributed.

So Ukraine’s only recourse is to accept more loans from Canada, and the US. Loans that will not be repaid back to the US or Canada in the form of money, but instead will be in the form of free rental fees for the US and NATO to park missiles and to establish military bases.

Your money is already gone. Don’t worry about it. Signed, sealed, delivered.

On top of this, NATO is massing up military assets along Russia’s borders. Canada sent 6 fighter jets today to supplement NATO’s
offensive inventory. The U.S. also sent Greystone last month. (Blackwater).

This is why gas prices in North America went up today. This is your tax dollars at work.

If you object to what is happening, write to your local congressman and tell him you don’t agree with what is happening in Ukraine.

Reminder, New Kiev Regime is Anti Gay, Anti Semitic.

beardoshenko…However, Svoboda has a long history of carrying on the toxic ideology of Adolf Hitler’s Nazis, with party leaders citing Nazi propaganda, espousing hatred toward Jews and homosexuals, and either being involved in violence, or tied to armed militant groups that have been….laflamme

…Svoboda is currently Ukraine’s fourth biggest party and holds 36 seats in parliament. It is also part of the Alliance of European National Movements, along with the BNP and Hungary’s Jobbik….



…But Yatsenyuk, who leads “Fatherland” in the absence of jailed leader Yulia Tymoshenko, revealed that he rejects gay marriage because his personal beliefs stand in the way of any political position.

“I can tell you about this separately as a Christian and a Greek Catholic,” he said. “I do not support gay marriage….”



“I am sorry that I am not able to be there and am not in charge of these processes, they wouldn’t have had a fucking chance of getting Crimea off me.”

“I would have found a way to finish off these bastards.”

“I am hoping that I will use all my connections and will get the whole world to rise up so that not even scorched earth would be left of Russia.”

Discussing the fate of Ukraine’s 8 million ethnic Russians, Tymoshenko was also heard saying that they should be “nuked.”


…Kolesnik said the community was glad the election was not accompanied by anti-Semitic violence. “We are grateful this time no one threw stones through our windows. During the previous elections it was much worse,…”

The Jewish Week in 2010

Canadian News Getting Desperate

mainstrmOn the day the deadline expired, Canadian news pushed the story hard that Yatsenyuk took pity on protesters.

yatsThey claimed that Yatsenyuk showed compassion, and took initiative by offering Russian speakers the freedom to speak Russian in Ukraine.  But what the news didn’t mention was this:

The U-turn comes after Ukraine’s elite Alpha unit reportedly refused to obey an order to besiege protester-held buildings. At a session of law enforcement officials in Donetsk, one of the Alpha commanders said that he and his men are a force intended for rescuing hostages and fighting terrorism and will only act in accordance with the law, local media reported.

and also this:

On Thursday, a local police lieutenant-colonel spoke to the media, claiming that he and other officers had been deceived by the Kiev authorities. He claimed that they were sent to take over the building under the pretext that it was held by dangerous armed bandits. In fact the protesters had only improvised clubs and offered no resistance to the storming troops.


Isn’t it about time that Canada stopped taking orders from the Neocons?