For the Greater Good of Mankind All Through-out History, and the Future, in this Universe…

Nothing in this plane of existence has ever been more important,

and our actions this day, will safeguard the safety of humans

Millions and millions of years from now

Do you have 2 hours to spare? This video is a little long. But if you’re sitting at your desk, multi-tasking, day-trading, whatever, just leave the video on, and watch.  It’s entertaining.


Rob Ford is Not the Only Crook in Canada. Part 2

This is John Baird. The Foreign Minister to Canada. He defended Turchynov and Yatsenyuk after the Odessa Massacre.

He supported the release of Yulia Tymoshenko after the Maidan Sniper massacre.

This sanctimonious cunt pretended to mourn alongside the rebels in Maidan Square in February, while blaming Russia and knowing full well that they were killed by other rebels.


This is Stephen Harper. The Canadian Prime Minister. He laughed at the 40+ deaths in Odessa. He called it “Russia invading Ukraine in slow motion.”  He assisted in the provocation of violence by Kiev against East Ukrainians.

I could go on and on about Harper, but quite frankly, he’s an incredibly dull person.  Suffice it to say, the guy uses that little fact to his supreme advantage.

Hates aboriginals.  Conservative party riddled with scandals.  Bears a grudge against the scientific community.  Circumvents numerous laws and important international environmental mandates just to keep Keystone XL from getting flagged. Hates veterans. Goes off attaching himself to various international affairs just so that he can forget about domestic ones.  Wife has a cat fetish. Son gets classmates drunk at his mansion, ends up hospitalizing 1 girl.

He is a prime example of an unqualified person, given too much power.

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Drone Strike Statistics

Recently the senate blocked a bill that would have made it a requirement for Obama to disclose how many civilians he has killed. Hmm makes you think dunnit?

bureau of investigative journalism1bureau of investigative journalism2bureau of investigative journalism3Strikes-Per-Year-Pakistan Killed-Per-Year-Pakistan Civs-Per-Year-Pakistan All-Totals-PakistanSo…I was reminded of a number of speeches about dignity, human rights, freedom, democracy, and truth….and all this time, these things already existed across the globe, we just couldn’t allow it to continue…

Here’s some actual truths

edurShiggly? Shiggly-diggly-doo?

Rob Ford is Not the Only Crook in Canada. Part 1

This is the Canadian Foreign Minister. His one job this year is to appease the Whitehouse, and to fast track the keystone XL pipeline.

This is the Canadian Prime Minister.

Many of his opponents have been known to mysteriously disappear. Not just the big guys but also the smaller and weaker opponents. Especially the weaker opponents.

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