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Maidan Snipers. More info

1st Video

A video showing the layout of a specific area in Maidan where this gruesome event happened. It shows the Hotel Ukraine that was under control by the rebels in February 20. This is the same hotel that people say Andrey Parubiy blocked off to keep investigations from taking place. At the time, the lobby was completely occupied by protesters.

2nd Video

This one is a video with better resolution.

Skip to 12:05 for the important part.

Once more at 14:14.

14:31 bullet hits the back of the tree in the middle of the screen

(3 people shot within the same time frame as the bullet hitting the back of the tree.)

There are two very distinct sets of characteristics between the shots coming from behind, and the shots from the police line. The shots from behind are much louder, and higher pitched.

16:00 bullet ricochet from the ground made of concrete. Sniper fire from the green building to the north?

16:35 guy with white hat shot from behind.

16:46 bullet hits tree from behind.

16:52 guy with green jacket gets shot from behind.

You can tell the shots were from behind as the shots were higher pitched.

34:30 shots from close range, hitting metal objects at close range.

3rd Video

This video by German TV shows that rebel snipers were stationed at various places near the incident. Both at ground level and at elevation.

4th Video

This video here is a longer version of the BBC Newsnight video I posted earlier this month. It’s also a video with better quality so that I can provide better context for readers. 7:00 is where the reporters come under fire.

I don’t recall seeing any of this important info being pushed by the news at all during the month of Feb, March or April. And it would be funny to believe that Obama, Harper, and Cameron aren’t scrambling to keep their shit in one piece seeing that they are political leaders. To think that these 3 and their subordinates, mourned the deaths of those protestors on TV worldwide, all the while defending the party responsible for it, says a lot about just how completely devoid they are of consideration for the people of Ukraine.

Maidan Neo Nazi Snipers Trained by NATO

It’s April, 2014. Do you still believe the mainstream news?

mainstrmEvidence points to NGOs (non governmental organizations) passing out flyers instructing people on how to revolt, how to identify and communicate with other rebels, and what to target specifically to sow rebellion.

Take note of the part where this video describes the NGO symbol.  Then look for evidence of people using this symbol as a method of communication. Very interesting.

Tomorrow: More info on the Maidan sniper incident.

WSReminder, Canada only sent 6 jets to NATO last week. A token gesture. Canada’s only benefit from Ukraine, is the sale of the Keystone Pipeline to the US.

Thanks oil industry
Thanks oil industry


Carla Del Ponte on Syria

Remember when they insisted they had “indisputable proof” that Syria crossed the red line? And they stuck to this story for days on end, with none of the numerous news organizations on TV offering any resistance at all to those claims?

mainstrmAnd when the UN finally concluded their investigations, the faces on some the complicit foreign ministers were ones of seething anger (instead of relief upon hearing the good news that Syria did not use chemical arsenal on Syrian civilians)


April 19, 2014

Attack on a Pro-Russian checkpoint 1 day after the Geneva accord ceasefire.


Mind-blowingly similar to the Syria school playground incident last year.

August 29, 2013



It’s obvious that no matter what peace agreements are made, someone wants a war to start very badly.

It’s the Neocons.

You’re welcome.


German News Reports on Maidan Snipers

Reminder: The new Kiev Regime is pushing to keep investigations from taking place.  Obama and Harper do not want this to air in North America, and Cameron certainly does not want to lose face yet again.

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Reminder, New Kiev Regime is Anti Gay, Anti Semitic.

Ukraine’s Debt, and Why Gas Prices Went Up Today.




Ukraine’s Debt, and Why Gas Prices Went up Today.


On april 7, Ukraine was supposed to pay 540 mil for gas Ukraine consumed in March. Ukraine flat out refused. Gazprom then revoked Ukraine’s gas discounts.

Russia did not want to be left with the bill seeing that it was the EU and the US who caused Ukraine to default on their contract. They also did not want to continue supplying Ukraine with free gas for the next 20 years.

Russia offered to host a meeting with EU and the US to discuss the matters however. Such has been the position that Russia has
taken ever since all this started. Diplomacy and dialogue.

Poland and similarly aligned countries offered to route some of their gas back to Ukraine, but this would require modifications to the existing gas infrastructure, and it would involve very expensive measures.

The simplest alternative to this (they proposed), would be to let Ukraine siphon the gas that is currrently being pumped through the existing infrastructure, while the other countries collect the gas that is leftover. A breach of contract with Gazprom whereby their agreement stipulates that the gas that is supplied by Gazprom shall not be resold or redistributed.

So Ukraine’s only recourse is to accept more loans from Canada, and the US. Loans that will not be repaid back to the US or Canada in the form of money, but instead will be in the form of free rental fees for the US and NATO to park missiles and to establish military bases.

Your money is already gone. Don’t worry about it. Signed, sealed, delivered.

On top of this, NATO is massing up military assets along Russia’s borders. Canada sent 6 fighter jets today to supplement NATO’s
offensive inventory. The U.S. also sent Greystone last month. (Blackwater).

This is why gas prices in North America went up today. This is your tax dollars at work.

If you object to what is happening, write to your local congressman and tell him you don’t agree with what is happening in Ukraine.