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Political Funnies Monday

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Interesting read. Sunday

Clinton on the democrats The former president, though, also lashed out at the movement, saying that its founders “tend to be pretty far-right extremists whose goal is to destroy the … Continue reading

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Tax cuts for the middle class: A device for the wealthy.

Tax cuts for the middle class: A device for the wealthy Remember, progressive taxation was a Republican idea, introduced under GOP President Theodore Roosevelt. “No man should receive a dollar … Continue reading

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Voting for Tea Party Candidates akin to voting for Nuclear Winter

Like most other people (we the level headed) I realized a long time ago, that avoiding people wielding hatchets while walking suburbia is very prudent.  In fact, it’s so logical … Continue reading

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Microsoft alert and Adobe vulnerability

A critical bug on Microsoft’s ASP.Net has been identified.  According to Microsoft, this web bug allows attackers to decrypt session cookies and encrypted data on remote servers.  Hackers are then … Continue reading

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Titanium blue PS3 to be bundled with Gran Turismo 5

Sony will be releasing the PS3 with a new theme aptly named Titanium Blue.  These will be PS3 Slims and they come with 160 GB hard drives. Also, they will … Continue reading

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LG gets new Chief Exec

After disappointing profits in the second quarter, electronics giant LG will replace its chief executive.  Koo Bon-Joon will be stepping up to the plate, replacing Nam-Yong as the new head … Continue reading

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Google goes Elite

10 vulnerabilities have been patched this week for Google’s Chrome.  A total of 26 flaws so far are fixed for the month of September. Chrome is Google’s own web browser. … Continue reading

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Tips on how to make your artwork look good part 2

Finish what you start. Many artists pick up projects from inspiration through things that they see on TV, or Movies, or sometimes even music. While it’s good to have the … Continue reading

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Tips on how to make your artwork look good

Have you ever wondered sometimes why your artwork doesn’t turn out the way you had it in your mind?  As an artist, I get this quite often. It would be … Continue reading

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Do You Like CG, Mechas and Proven Formulas?

If you do then Macross Frontier is for you. When you think about sequels, you immediately think of shatty flics like Friday the 13th and Haloween. (A Nightmare on Elmstreet … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered why video game companies..

Have you ever wondered why some video game companies don’t provide reasonable customer support to people who report hacked accounts? The content in this post is really below me and … Continue reading

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Protesters shot in Qu’ran burning protest

Read the news here. Posted about 6 hours ago.  Protesters shot outside a NATO base in Afghanistan.  Keep in mind though that Afghanistan is still an active warzone as … Continue reading

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If anyone wanted to know more about the toys  I posted last week . . . . . . . . . . . . These  toys are called … Continue reading

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September comparisons

I’ve been watching a lot of the news lately. It just got a lot more interesting in the last few weeks.  It must have something to do with the lull … Continue reading

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New host planned for CNN’s Larry King Live.

CNN announced a new show to replace one of CNN’s top viewed shows on the prime-time lineup.  Pier’s Morgan from America’s Got Talent. Piers also hosts a popular interview program … Continue reading

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Obama Strikes Back!

. . . . . . . . You know when you want something to happen real bad, and it doesn’t happen for a long time, and then you pick … Continue reading

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There are times when you just have to say to yourself: WTF!? That was my exact sentiment when I watched the first episode of : Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls. . … Continue reading

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Project Preview 5

A preview of my latest project.  Poly count is just shy of 20k.  Next up: Skies over Paris :)

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Sportsfan debacle

A man and a woman were seen to argue with righteous fury at this sports event at Arthur Ashe stadium.  The worst part is the angered sports fan  insistently yelling, … Continue reading

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Online IQ tests

When you hear of online Iq tests, you think of easy questions and 1  minute deadlines.  Some people don’t even dare to take such online questionnaires simply out of fear … Continue reading

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Project Preview 4

Added in the first layer of hair. I’ve decided to avoid using plugins. Although plugins do provide a high level of quality that is unachievable by using conventional means, this … Continue reading

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Overpowered Ichigo

Still pretty good. I can’t wait for fillers. Just kidding.

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Lost Girl

A new TV series on Showcase featuring Anna Silk. The stressed out flight attendant in the  Nicoderm commercial.  Years ago, when I saw that commercial and did a search on … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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