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Portugal, 2000. (Idiots #11)


But it Feels so Good, it Can’t Possibly be Wrong.

In 2000, Portugal changed its drug policy in an effort to stem the spread of HIV. Drugs amounting to 10 days worth of personal use or less remained illegal, but the penalties involved for possessing drugs were lessened. Prior to the change, people found with 10 days worth of drugs for personal use or less risked imprisonment. When the law went into full effect in 2001, this was changed to rehabilitation and therapy.

Despite all this, and according to Portugese law, the use and possession of drugs still remains prohibited up to this day. The only difference is that the punishment is less severe, and there is less of a legal and moral responsibility for Portugese to not use drugs.

The recent move to decriminalize Marijuana use and possession in the United States, specifically groups and individuals advocating it through social media, models its projected outcome of decriminalization after Portugal. But very large, and very important facts are consistently omitted/ignored in their propaganda, and internet denizens are more than eager/succeptible to take all that misinformation in.

Propaganda such as “smoking weed will help you lose weight.” Or that it “magically” cures cancer, and that the evil D.A.R.E. “brainwashing” in the 80’s and 90’s is just a part of a huge conspiracy designed by shadow governments intent on taking away your freedom. Propaganda that alleges that marijuana will make you healthy, and fit, and more physically attractive, and that there was absolutely no beneficial purpose with D.A.R.E. and that drug abuse is just peachy keen.

It’s not simply coincidence that most of the social media pushers are simultaneously depressive manics and astute scholars of circular logic.

If it’s Out of Arm’s reach, it is Simply too Far.

There is one indisputable fact about the internet, specifically social media, and it is that over the past decade, social media has cultivated a generation of greasy skinned, glassy eyed, and extremely lazy populace of impressionable multi-buttoned-mouse clickers.  And because of this, the age old practice of fact checking has been reduced to confirming if an event had been retweeted by friends, or if a news article has shown up twice in a news aggregate web-site.

Ever since the change in Portugal’s drug policy in 2000:

  • Lifetime use of “all illicit drugs” up from 7.8% to 12%
  • Lifetime use of cannabis up from 7.6% to 11.7%
  • Cocaine use up by more than 200% from what it was originally.
  • Use of ecstacy almost double of what it was before.
  • Heroin use up from 0.7% to 1.1%
  • Street level drugs became more accessible because of lowered risks taken by trafickers.

Be careful of believing any of the articles highlighted on drug supportive websites like Reddit. Small time trash internet news websites often spam Reddit with links back to their articles often promoting the decriminalization of marijuana.

They presume that mixing their drug articles in with their liberal politics adds credibility to their mantra, but the truth is, they only care about visitors clicking on their monetized links. Most of the time, the articles from these small time trash internet news websites don’t cite sources, nor do they include scientific studies along with their claims. Just like all the politics published by them, it’s all opinion.

Since the Policy Change

Portugal changed its drug policy in 2000. Several other things changed as well. Let us take a look, and also let us take special note on how the years 2000 to 2002 served as distinctly pivotal years.

fertility portugalFertility rate in Portugal. Fairly straightforward. A rate decline after 2000.

GDP portugalI’m not knowledgeable enough about Portugal’s economy to comment on this, but let’s just say that their income was on the up and up until it somewhat plateaued right at 2000.

Human development index portugalHDI. Big decrease in growth. That must be a good thing right? Yeah right…

Suicide rate portugalBig increase in suicides that year. Perhaps the bar was set a bit too low?

contraceptive use since 1997Contraceptive use by women. Now there’s something that doesn’t completely bore me Mr.Blog Writer. I mean, less contraceptives means better sexy time yes? Which is strange because..

pop growth portugalpopulation growth in Portugal was looking optimistic until 2002 where it tripped and didn’t seem like it could recover. Could it have something to do with libido?

population percentage 20 39 portugalPopulation percentage. Ages 20-39.  It’s not like they grew older while filling out the survey..

15 24 employment rate portugalEmployment. 15-24. More time in the sunshine.

Let’s make it a little more broad..

15+ employment rateAges 15+. Again, it was looking optimistic up until 2001 where it started declining.

15+ unemployment portugalUnemployment. 15+. You can’t say that the current recession in Portugal and the subsequent plans for massive bailouts has anything to do with something that happened 12 years prior. I mean, that just borders on the absurd..

And finally the Piece de Resistance

HIVThe spread of HIV is still the same! No fucking effect what-so-ever! It’s actually worse now than it was in 2000!

I don’t know man. Idiots #11.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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