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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

hotdressThis winter was the warmest on record believe it or not. Even with the freak snow storms, and the unusual deep freezes in the northeast Americas, the rest of the world was sweating. Average global temps were 1.42 degrees F higher than the 20th century average.  It’s already unusually warm for April.

People have to face the facts: weather patterns are changing.

So with that in mind, tips on how to stay cool this summer:

  • Watch where you flick those butts. Don’t toss cigarettes onto dry grass. Stamp it out, or pour water on it.
  • If you smoke in your car, don’t flick those cigarettes out the window. Use the ashtray.
  • Get familiar with fire extinguishers.  Fire extinguishers have specific classifications for specific fires.extinguishers(The classifications might be different for your country) For example, you don’t want to use a class A extinguisher on oil, or chemical fires because water will only spread the fire and make things worse. You don’t want to use a Class A extinguisher on electrical fires either because water is conductive. Generally, you will want something that can handle 2 or more kinds of fires, like a multi-purpose CO2 extinguisher.  For metal fires, it is recommended that you use dry powder (not dry chemical) extinguishers.
  • Don’t leave camp fires unattended.  If you’re done with your camp, put the fire out. Always have a bucket of sand ready.  Put a ring of rocks around the camp fire if you must sleep with a camp fire going.
  • Presence of mind. If you see a weird ass person walking around at night wearing a balaclava and wielding a gas canister, report his ass. Call 911.
  • General cleaning. Vintage electronics? Dusty furniture? Clean them. Stacks of newspapers? If you don’t need them anymore, throw them away. Keep pressurized canisters away from radiant heat sources. Keep portable heaters away from combustible materials. Check those thermostats and make sure they’re working. Sawdust and errant scraps of junk are bad. Keep your workspace and living space clean.

And that’s it. The list does not cover everything obviously, but if I’ve convinced you to think about safety, then it is mission accomplished.  Tell your friends, advise your neighbors.  Let’s all try to have fun, and please stay safe this summer



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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