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Rape by Allied British, American, Canadian, and French Forces More Commonplace than Previously Asserted.


Wait a minute. NBC news is not a Russian website.

The issue of post-war sexual violence has been a taboo topic because many Germans did not want to downplay the country’s own atrocities during the Holocaust by displaying its people as victims.

Is it possible that Russia has invaded the studios at NBC?

Gebhardt estimates that nearly 900,000 Germans were raped by the Allied forces that freed her country from the Nazis in the wake of D-Day in 1944 until West Germany was declared fully sovereign in 1955.

But America conquered WW2 solo.  This is clearly propaganda.

While some historians disagree on the numbers, eyewitness accounts and military court cases confirm that Americans committed acts of sexual violence at the end of the war.

In 1945, TIME magazine published a letter penned by an unidentified American serviceman who stated that “our own Army and the British Army … have done their share of looting and raping … we too are considered an army of rapists.”

It’s a Saturday. Where are the reserve co-intel agents? We must combat this heinous assault on our character.

The discussion about sexual assaults against German women has historically been focused on the crimes of the Soviet Red Army troops.

“This perception was in line with Nazi propaganda, which had been portraying the Russians as Asian, subhuman beings,” Gebhardt said.

But Ukraine is a democracy. There are no fascists in Ukraine!

“Amid the Shoah [Holocaust], it was unimaginable for German intellectuals to conduct research on non-Jewish Germans as victims,” he told NBC News. “And morally, it was right to first document the horrors of the Shoah. In order to look at both sides, a strong cultural maturity is needed.”

Is NBC retarded? This is blatantly not pro-American. We must rally together and arrest these traitors.  Justice for all or justice for none.

But the magazine agreed that Gebhardt was correct on one point. It said: “For far too long, historical research has been dominated by the idea that rapes committed by GIs were implausible because German women wanted to jump into bed with them anyway.

Well there goes my argument.

More than 70 years, and this surfaces. How pathetic.





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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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