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Russia Would Attack NATO Only in a Mad Person’s Dream


In a recent interview with Italy’s Corriere Della Serra, Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the issue of Ukraine.


Do not you think that in Ukraine it is time for Russia to take the initiative in their own hands, in the search for a resolution of the crisis, making a gesture of availability?

“We are already doing this. Consider the document agreed in Minsk, called Minsk2, the only way to solve the problem occurred. We would not have agreed if we didn’t consider it correct, fair, and equitable. Of course, for our part and we will continue to do everything that depends on us to influence the authorities of the self-proclaimed republics – those of Donetsk and Lugansk. But not everything depends on us. Today our partners in Europe and the United States must exert adequate influence on the Kiev authorities asking them all that was agreed in Minsk. The key point of the political solution that is certainly needed in the first phase to cease military actions in place, withdraw heavy weapons. In general it was done. There are gunfights, unfortunately, there are also victims, but there are no major military action, the parts are separated. Now we must begin to implement the arrangements of Minsk. Concretely, we must make a constitutional reform guaranteeing the rights of autonomy to the respective territories of the unrecognized republics. Then you have to pass a law for municipal elections and one for the amnesty. And all this, as it is written in the agreements, in coordination with the People’s Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk. The problem is that the authorities in Kiev will not even sit at the same negotiating table with them. And we have no influence on this, only our European and American partners have it. No need to frighten us with sanctions. We must begin the economic and social rehabilitation of these territories, where an ongoing humanitarian disaster and everyone pretends that nothing happens. Russia is interested and will try to obtain a full and unconditional implementation of all agreements of Minsk, there is no other way. I also remember that the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics have publicly stated that under certain conditions, namely the realization of the agreements of Minsk, are ready to examine the possibility to be considered part of the Ukrainian state. I believe that this position should be accepted as a prerequisite for the good start of serious negotiations. “


They tell us that the territories of Eastern Ukraine are not prepared for a scenario of annexation as in Crimea?

“The scenario of Crimea is not linked to Russia’s position but that of the people who live there. All our actions, including those of force, had as its objective to alienate the Crimea from Ukraine, but were intended to give people who live there the opportunity to express their opinions on how they want to organize their lives. If this was allowed the Kosovo Albanians and the Kosovars ban it because the Russians, Ukrainians and Tatars living in the Crimea? I believe in good faith that an observer can not fail to see that the people voted almost unanimously in favor of reunification with Russia. The solution to the issue of Crimea is based on the will of the people. In Donetsk and Lugansk people voted for independence and the situation there is different. But the most important thing is to respect people’s moods and choices. And if someone wants these territories remain within Ukraine, we must prove to these people that in a united life will be better, more comfortable and safe, which will be guaranteed the future of its children. But it is impossible to persuade them with weapons. These are questions that can only be resolved in a peaceful manner. “


Speaking of peace Mr. President, the countries of the former Warsaw Pact that are now members of NATO, such as the Baltic States and Poland, they feel threatened by Russia. The Alliance has decided to create a deterrent for early intervention to meet these concerns. The West has reason to fear that the new ” Russian bear ‘? And why Russia, so any hint of conflict?

“Russia does not speak with anyone with a confrontational tone in these matters, in the words of Otto von Bismarck,” these are not important speeches, but the potential. ” What say the real potential? Military spending in the United States are higher than the military spending of all countries in the world combined. The overall total of NATO are 10 times higher than those of the Russian Federation. Russia has practically no military bases abroad. Our policy does not have a global character, offensive or aggressive. Publish in your newspaper the world map displaying all US military bases and you’ll see the difference. Let me give some examples. Sometimes they point out that our planes fly right over the Atlantic Ocean. Patrol aircraft with strategic areas far made him only the USSR and the USA at the time of the “Cold War”. But the new Russia, in the early nineties, have stopped, while our American friends have continued to fly along our borders. For what reason? So some years ago we restored these overflights: we behaved aggressively? Off the coast of Norway there are American submarines in permanent alert. The time it takes for a rocket to reach Moscow from these submarines is 17 minutes. And you want to say that we act aggressively? You mentioned enlargement of NATO to the East. But we do not move anywhere, it is the infrastructure of NATO that comes close to our borders. And ‘the proof of our aggression? Finally, the United States has unilaterally released the agreement on missile defense systems, the ABM, the cornerstone of which the international security system was mostly based upon. Another proof of our aggression? Everything we do is simply to respond to threats against us. We do this to a limited extent, but only to guarantee the security of Russia. Or someone might expect our unilateral disarmament? I had once proposed to our American partners to build it together in three of the missile defense system: Russia, USA, Europe. This proposal was rejected. Then we said, this is an expensive and still do not know the efficacy. But of course to ensure the strategic balance, we will develop our strategic offensive potential and we’ll think of systems capable of overcoming missile defense. And I must say that we have made significant progress in this direction. “

So Russia has no plans of attacking NATO?

“Only a person not of sound mind or dream can imagine that Russia could one day attack NATO. Supporting this idea does not make sense, it is completely unfounded. Maybe someone can be interested to fuel these fears. I can only suppose. For example, the Americans do not want much the rapprochement between Russia and Europe. I do not say, I say this only as a hypothesis. Suppose that the US wants to maintain its leadership in the Atlantic community. They need an external threat, an enemy to ensure it. And Iran is clearly not a threat capable of intimidating enough. Who put fear? Suddenly there was a crisis in Ukraine. Russia was forced to react. Maybe everything is done on purpose, I do not know. But not us to do so. I want to tell you: do not be afraid of Russia. The world has changed so much, that reasonable people today can not imagine a military conflict on such a scale. We have other things to do, I can assure you. “


Vladimir Vladimirovich, On May 9, Russia celebrated the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, which freed the country and Europe from Nazism. No other country has paid the blood price paid by Russia. But on the Red Square with her there were no Western leaders. He has considered this absence as a lack of respect for the Russian people? And what does it mean today to the Russian identity that memory?

“War is one of the tragic pages of our history. We commemorate in these days festive and sad of course think of the generation that has guaranteed freedom and independence, defeating Nazism. We also think that no one has the right to forget this tragedy, first because we must ensure that does not happen again anything like it. And they are not empty words, is not a fear based on nothing. Today for example there are those who deny the Holocaust. He is trying to eroicizzare Nazis or collaborators. Terrorism today in many of its manifestations is similar to Nazism, there is essentially no difference. Colleagues of which you spoke just have not seen behind the current difficult economic situation of international relations, things much more series connected not only with the past but also with the need to fight for our common future. E ‘was their choice. But the party was primarily ours. Do you understand? We remembered in those days not only those who fought against fascism in the Soviet Union, but also all of our allies, the participants in the resistance in Germany itself, in France and in Italy. We make about all the people that he has not spared in the fight against Nazism. Of course we know that was the Soviet Union to make a decisive contribution to this victory, sacrificing more lives. For us it is not simply a military victory but a moral and then almost all our family has lost loved ones. It is impossible to forget it. “


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