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His Satan, Your Satan. What Difference Does it Make.


Good afternoon readers.  The birds are chirping.

Today we will examine a small subsection of “good and evil.”  Because of contemporary secular systems, the concept of “good and evil” cannot be taught in schools. It is instead replaced by discussions of things like money, or political power, or gender politics, or ideas that are grounded in selfishness and materialism.

In fiction (movies, TV, comic books, novels, CNN), our perception of evil is that of a reanimated dead person wearing a hockey mask, or a creepy crawly liberal/dense conservative, or simply groups of people we strongly disagree with.  That is a shallow understanding of the matter, and it completely overlooks the core motivations behind good and evil.

Our understanding of “good and evil” becomes limited solely due to the repetition of these shallow distractions.  The end result is that we never really discuss “good and evil;” we take sides in justifying each others actions, and then we revel in it.

Culture is the knowledge passed down from generation to generation.  Ideas that started with nascent ignorance, which then improved and evolved over time into conventional wisdom.  A natural progression from ignorance to the civilized. The line between good and evil here is blurred however. With culture, greater emphasis is placed on efficiency and the end product, rather than the differences between selflessness and selfishness.

Good is something that people would define as acts of selflessness. Helping others to become better people.  Charity. Forgiveness. Reaching out and talking to people to convince them to be less selfish. Evil is something that people would define as acts of selfishness. To do harm as a response to one’s tendency for selfishness.  To oppose good, and to destroy all that is good.

Religion, while not complete in its teachings, gives us continuity.  A glimpse into the documented past; showing what people thought and spoke of at the time, what their justifications were for their actions, and the uniquely religious wisdom that guides people’s paths.

Thankfully, if you’re one of the smarter ones, you would take a little bit of culture, religion, and fiction; and then with it, form your own will. If you were closed off to wisdom, you would be more like this guy below:

asktherabbi1Satan by this person’s definition, is merely an obstacle. Something that gets in the way. A challenge where if a thing annoys you, it is automatically a”Ha-Satan,” or “The problem.” There’s not much in the way of distinguishing what is good, and what is evil, only “opportunities” to overcome things that “get in the way.”

A much more rational definition of Satan would be: a symbol for evil, or an embodiment of evil. A reminder that there exists in this world, a force that compels humans to do harm unto others.  In much simpler terms, Satan is man’s tendency to destroy what is good.  There are no good aspects that can be attributed to Satan.

This person takes it a step further though and claims that Satan is not only “good,” but also; “VERY good.” He continues by claiming that the concept of satan is a “blessing” to the Jewish people.

Another source:

jewishvirtlibIn this one, the author maintains that Satan is “the accuser,” “the hinderer,” or “tempter.” An obstacle that “gets in the way.”  Temptations to do evil things that prevent “the fixing of the world.” So it falls in line with the first description of Satan, but in this one it states that Satan is “inferior” to God, and in a way it asserts that Satan is one of God’s agents. A representative of God with special purpose.

Fast forward to current events that we observe in the news. Take a look below.

sderotIf we view the occupation of Palestine, are we to believe that Palestine is the equivalent of Satan? An obstacle, or a challenge? Something that gets in the way? An opportunity to grow through the enslavement and the oppression of a Palestinian minority?  Is this reconcilable with the Christian definition of Satan?

beach usveto

We take a look at a third source:

judaic satanIn this Wikipedia article, the term Ha-Satan is a title bestowed on a being; and not the name of a being.  In other words, Satan is whoever or whatever you attribute your biases into.

This also falls in line with the first description whereby Satan is identified as “an obstacle,” “an adversary,” or a thing that “gets in the way.” Hmm…

awwshitThe similarity is shocking.  In order for growth to happen, obstacles must be overcome.  If there were no obstacles, then there would be no opportunities to stretch one’s muscles.

So what happens when there are no obstacles? Are obstacles then artificially manifested?


Obviously this is a broad subject that cannot be covered by one person, or with just one blog post, so I’m not going to claim to be aware of all its nuances.  To achieve that you must search for answers on your own, and then decide what is the meaning of “good and evil.”



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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