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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

A Small Prayer for Palestine


Many suggestions have been made in the past about how to solve the Israeli-Palestine conflict.  After reading hundreds of articles, blogs, and papers, the most critical idea is diplomacy.  Yes, we tried that, he didn’t listen, they didn’t listen, it’s always their fault. (put the missiles down, I didn’t mention names).

I believe that what Palestinians must try is to tell their story.  Tell your story. Palestine’s story remains largely undocumented in an official manner.  (You won’t find Fox News or CNN giving wall to wall coverage of the suffering in Palestine.)

I struggle to find any news articles at all about the slave labour in settler farms, about the hundreds of abductions of parents, about the torture of hundreds of Palestinian children.   Not to mention the countless and tragic deaths of innocent people; these stories never get any attention.  But I know they’re out there, because people write about them.  There are some, but not a lot.

At the same time, articles about Palestinian rockets and traumatized Israelis cycle through the news over and over. A sickeningly shallow coverage through American news, and it’s getting really old.

Palestinians must work together as a community, to not act through violence (because that is what really hurts Palestine’s cause).  It’s true that to be angry is to be human.  All humans react the same way whether you are Palestinian, French, or American, or Asian.  When your homes are bombed, then bulldozed, then your land is confiscated and given away to settlers, to tell you that you should not get mad is pure lunacy.

The Balfour declaration was theft, and you were right to be angry when your land was sold without your consent, approval or permission.

But, you must also realize that there is a better future. A future where your children can go to school. Where you can have a healthy,  uniquely Palestinian society that supports you, and cares for you.  To do that you must work. Tell your story.

If you have an phone, document your story. Reach out to social media. Tweet your photos. Publish your thoughts. Tell people what your wishes are for the future. That is how you can save Palestine.


One last thing. Please refrain from using harsh rhetoric. No  “Death to the infidels” stuff.   The western world is literally waiting for something they can praise on social media.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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