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US Ambassador’s Convoy Strikes 7 Year Old Boy.


Many of you might not know who Samantha Power is. Some will only know her as the ambassador to the UN.  But for those in the know, Power has been a key figure in propagandizing the Ukraine war inside of the UN.  It’s always a strange sight when a person with such a critical position in managing affairs, rarely ever makes eye contact with the camera.  Please refer to the image below.  This is the visage that Power presents to the UN all the time.  Imagine if your school principal read off a script banning facial hair, and he never raises his gaze to face the crowd. Strange right?

gogopowerrangerWhat’s even more chilling is how ABC news and Aljazeera treated the story.  ABC and AlJazeera published their articles retelling the story of how the boy was struck and how the convoy left the scene.  An ambulance eventually picked the boy up and took him to a hospital, but it is illegal in the United States for a driver to strike a person and then flee the scene.  I guess the US ambassador just doesn’t care about laws, (or human lives for that matter.)

The pictures that ABC and Aljazeera pasted into their articles is very telling of what the current situation is in the USA. Maybe Qatar too, but I’m not very knowledgeable with Qatar.  Bloodlust. The representation of what seems to be the cheerful rapture resulting from another human life extinguished.

Sputnik on the other hand (Russia) treated the story with dignity.  The picture that Sputnik pasted onto their article shows a Samantha Power not smiling. It’s as simple as that. Not a happy face to adorn a tragedy.  It is this distinction that makes Sputnik’s article a hundred more percent appropriate for the story being published.

It is plausible that the convoy fled the scene because the security advisors suspected an ambush, but really, who tells a 7 yr old boy  to go and kill himself to stop a convoy? With a high profile motorcade consisting of brightly painted SUV’s, you would think that the extra high profile security would have prepared for such circumstances, and adapted a perimeter to inspect the 7 yr old boy.

Now that it’s out of their hands so to speak, its turned into a high profile scandal that decreases Power’s leverage at the UN.

The story doesn’t end there either. After the incident, Power proceeded to a refugee camp to give an empty speech. It’s kind of sickening, and it is exactly what I expected out of Power.

After the accident, ABC News followed Power to a refugee camp where she met a girl who escaped after being forced married to a Boko Haram fighter.

While meeting with the girl, the ambassador became emotional.

“You’re a 14-year-old girl in your village, these guys show up and say, ‘Hey, I have a choice for you. I am going to kill you or you can marry me.’ The quadruply sad part of it is — it’s clear she thinks she made a choice, that wasn’t a choice,” she said, getting choked up.






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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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