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Who is Sid Blumenthal for Dummies. Condensed Version.


By Robert D. Anonymous:

Some of you younger (gentlemen, gentleladies) might not know who Sid Blumenthal is.

He’s a Clinton political insider and adviser that a lot of people remember from the 90’s because that’s when he gained his reputation for destroying people that crossed the Clintons. One of the more famous victims was Monica Lewinsky. Blumenthal started leaking false information about her like she was a liar and a stalker when the press found out the president was in a sexual relationship with the 22 year old whitehouse employee. He’s what you call a “fixer” or a “spin doctor” or a “character assassin”. Some of you millennials are probably familiar with Christopher Hitchens. He’s the famous atheist and political commentator who used to be friends with Blumenthal but when Blumenthal was caught trying to destroy Lewinsky, it really pissed off Hitchens. The more he got to know the Clintons, the more he realized just how corrupt they were. He was a very vocal critic of the Clintons until he died in 2011. When Clinton ran against Obama in 2008, Sid Blumenthals skills were once again needed when he put out stories about Obama that he wasn’t born in the US, or that he was a Muslim. This is the very beginning of the Obama “birther” movement. When Clinton and Obama made their deal for her to drop out of the race in exchange for the Secretary of State position, Obama was so upset with Blumenthal that he specifically barred Clinton from bringing Blumenthal with her to the State Department. This last detail will come up in the scandal involving Clintons emails.

In 2013 a European hacker announced that he had hacked Sid Blumenthals email, and when Blumenthal’s emails were read, it showed he was communicating with a Clinton private email server. Even though Sid Blumenthal didn’t have a security clearance and was specifically barred by the State Department, he was getting sent classified information from Clinton from a server that wasn’t even a government server. These correspondences included sharing information about the military intervention in Libya. When the government demanded the emails, Clinton said they didn’t exist or that the information wasn’t actually classified because the actual email didn’t say classified, even though the information was classified. Some of the various things Blumenthal did was advising Clinton on was where Qaddafi was, or where the 7 billion in Libyan gold was located. At this time Blumenthal also worked for Osprey Global Solutions which was a military contractor looking to do business in post Qaddafi Libya with the Libyan rebels. This was also brought up in the emails.

So here we have Sid Blumenthal, who is a Clinton political insider, exchanging emails with our Secretary of State Clinton involving our military intervention in Libya even though he has no security clearance. Needless to say that’s completely unacceptable for a Secretary of State to be discussing national security secrets with a private citizen. Especially a private citizen that was specifically barred from the State Department by the President of the United States. What’s even more extraordinary is the communications were on a non-government server. That’s another unbelievable fact because we the people have always kept a historical record of our national actions. So we demanded those records and she erased them. She said they were gone. She said they were wiped. She robbed us. Why? To hide her actions. When it was discovered some still exist, her own staff decided what we got and we still don’t have all of them. To make matters worse the private server wasn’t secure. The top secret information Clinton was sharing with Sidney Blumenthal was hacked. Clinton’s excuse? She removed the words “Top Secret” from the emails; that way she could say “They weren’t marked Top Secret,” as if the information contained in the emails wasn’t top secret.

So now we find out Blumenthal also gets payouts from the Clintons from the “The Clinton Foundation.” A charity slush fund that foreign powers like Saudi Arabia pay millions into. This is how it works: Saudi Arabia wants an arms deal, an American arms manufacturer does too, so they both put millions into Clinton’s “charity,” and later Secretary of State Clinton pushes those arms deals through. Then old Clinton political allies dip into that “charity” for money; Big Money. In fact Sid Blumenthal got 10,000 a month from the Clinton Foundation. Even Clinton’s personal assistant Huma Abedin gets hundreds of thousands from the Clinton Foundation at the same time YOU the tax payer are paying her at the state department.

As this story shows Sid Blumenthal also gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from “Media Matters.” For those of you that don’t know, Media Matters is the Clinton propaganda machine funded by none other than George Soros. You think Trump is rich? You think the Koch brothers are rich? Soros is worth $24.9 Billion dollars and he uses that wealth to manipulate public opinion in the Clinton’s favor.

Not only does Soros directly fund just under 10% of the entire Media Matters money pot, he also funds it in other ways by having his other political action groups donate and partnership with Media Matters. Ever heard of Move On.Org? That’s Soros as well. You may have heard of these groups more recently as they were involved in funding some of the violent protests against Trump that were blamed on Bernie supporters. To this day its still a matter of controversy in the Bernie camp just who these violent protesters were but the fact that it hurt both Bernie and Trump should leave little doubt who it benefited the most.

If I made a mistake on any of my observations please point them out. I have no problem making corrections or being proven wrong as I’ve written some of this down previously. These Clintons are a corrupt political dynasty that uses propaganda and corporate money to destroy their political opponents or anyone else that gets in their way. They have a cabal of insiders who all share in this wealth and power.

Note: The above post was written by Bob D Anonymous.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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