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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

The Free Tuition Thing. For Bernie Supporters Only. Need to Know Basis.


Alright, let’s start off with a non-mainstream source, and work our way to the mainstream. The kind of mainstream that money makers read.  Hillary Clinton 101 is now in session.


Money, who can live without it? Education is the key to making money.

Money is plentiful in the upscale suburbs of the United States, but what about places where low cost and easily accessible education is sorely needed?


So Rio’s State investigators uncovered a huge scandal. Let’s read some more.


Laureate Education. The biggest borrower on the for-profit colleges list. That sounds interesting doesn’t it? Let’s check out the Forbes article then, because it’s so reputable!


So Forbes doesn’t want you to read the article. That means they’re hiding something.

So what did Hillary say in response to this?

edum5Are you starting to get the picture now?

Here’s the original article from WND.

http://www.wnd .com/2016/06/clinton-for-profit-education-scandal-dwarfs-trump-u/

With all this in mind, let’s go find out what other people think about Clinton’s plans for profit.

edum6Oh snap! The department of State! Slush fund slush fund!  But why is it a big deal?


http://www.rawstory .com/2016/03/hillarys-emails-reveal-lucrative-ties-to-for-profit-colleges/

But didn’t Hillary say something about college debt just recently? Ah yes, the pieces are starting to fit together now.


http://talkingpointsmemo .com/livewire/hillary-clinton-donald-trump-kids-tuition

Bill was hired as the honorary speech-maker in 2004, the scam was exposed in 2015. Eleven years after the Clintons initiated this scam, the democrats still scoop up mouthfuls and eat it.

Okay well then let’s pretend for one moment that we are dumb, impressionable high school kids fresh off the internet shilling factory.  We’re going to pretend that we’re one of the millennials being paid by Clinton to make her look good on Twitter.

edum9We’re going to pretend that none of Hillary’s scandals exist, and we’re going to look for good things to spam about Laureate education.

I love to roleplay!


Well, no luck there. Let’s try again.


No good. We must find something positive about Hillary!


Fucking shit crap motherfuck! I need to meet my quota of 50 shills a day!

edum13Oh someone mentioned social work, that’s kinda like what I do…wait a minute.


Millenialism. Why is it so hard being a millenialism?


No plz! Plz no! Hillary will think I’m a loser.  I must make master happy!


Why do these people have to be so honest??? :sadface emoji:

So Walden University, a child company of Laureate Education since 2013, is verifiably a scam. Laureate Education is also the biggest borrower from the US for-profit colleges list on the State Department program, initiated by Clinton.

Quoting an article on Dec 15, 2015, by CNBC:

…With the reputation of U.S. for-profit colleges in tatters, one company has found a convenient way to circumvent regulation in this country: by operating primarily in overseas markets.

 Baltimore-based Laureate Education, the world’s largest for-profit higher-education company by enrollment (with about 1 million students now enrolled worldwide), operates in a sector plagued by government scrutiny in the U.S. and in which one major for-profit education company, Corinthian Colleges, declared bankruptcy earlier this year.
But Laureate gets 84 percent of its revenue from outside this country, most of it from Latin America. There, nations lack the infrastructure of established universities that the U.S. has, and their development means a steady demand for educated workers and training, the company argues in its IPO paperwork. (It filed for an IPO in October, but IPO watchdogs don’t expect the deal to occur until next year.)…
…And critics of Laureate’s Walden University in Minnesota claimed professors were inaccessible and that continual delays stretched out the time — and thus money needed — to earn an advanced degree. Three students have filed a lawsuit against Walden, hoping to make it a class-action suit, alleging breach of contract, unjust enrichment, violations of state consumer protection and unfair competition laws….

http://www.cnbc .com/2015/12/15/a-controversial-education-model-us-is-exporting-to-the-world.html


One more for the road, because you like it.










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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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