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Update – Khizr Khan’s Website Shut Down/Deleted


Khizr Khan asking at the DNC if Donald Trump had “even read the constitution,” was out of the ordinary, but I wasn’t shocked by it.  I knew that these things are part and parcel with the mudslinging in politics.  I watched it, and I thought to myself, it would not be appropriate to get triggered by it, that this is just the level of aggression that people are willing to go to in order to make a point.

I took to Twitter to find more info about Khizr Khan, and to get a general sense of how divided American viewers were on the issue.  It is really heated out there. Over a 12 hour span, maybe more, I observed that people were on extreme ends of the argument.

Only a few stressed the fact that it was in the promotion of Hillary’s presidential campaign, that Khizr Khan made his speech.  If you view his DNC speech on Youtube, you’ll notice that he spoke very unnaturally. It’s as if his speech was written by someone else.

There were a significant number of people who pointed out on Twitter, that it was Hillary who voted in favor of the Iraq war.  That brought me a small amount of relief.

I found out that the Daily Beast published an article that claimed ISIS “joined” Trump in his rebuke of Khizr Khan.

http://www.thedailybeast .com/articles/2016/07/31/isis-joins-donald-trump-in-dishonoring-humayun-khan-s-sacrifice.html

Then I found out that Chelsea Clinton was on the board of directors at IAC, which owns the Daily Beast and College Humour. .com/news/articles/2011-09-26/chelsea-clinton-joins-board-of-directors-at-iac-interactivecorp-

It’s a very murky web to have to navigate.  Often times confusing.

This morning brought a little bit of good news. Khizr Khan has taken his website offline. Probably due to the backlash from Twitter, probably because it brings Hillary’s campaign a lot of negative press. I have a feeling it’s not over yet, but I’ve been up for more than 15 hours, and I need to sleep a little bit. I’ll be back with an update later. Maybe.

In the meantime, check this awesome conspiracy out!

From Reddit r/conspiracy

https://www.reddit .com/r/conspiracy/comments/4vqp30/open_letter_to_potusvpotus_by_attorney_cliff/


Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr. 1021 East Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43205 614-224-8771

July 25, 2016

Offices of the President and Vice President United States of America Via Email

Dear Messrs. President Obama & Vice President Biden:

I believe former star Philadelphia prosecutor Beverly Campbell was assassinated because Karl Rove operatives believed she was about to reveal to you, before it unfolded, the wholesale corruption of the electronic voting process in the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Primary.

On January 15, 2016, I met privately with Beverly at lunchtime. Beverly told me that she believed your son, Mr. Vice President, had been assassinated. She also said she thought you probably suspected that to be the case. When Bev returned home she began writing a letter to you as follows:

“It is interesting how our lives keep crossing. I first met you, Mr. Vice President, shortly after you were first elected to the US Senate. I was in one of the very earliest classes to attend Delaware Law School and worked in your second senate campaign. Later practicing law in Philadelphia and Delaware County, PA our paths crossed a few times and you never forgot that I had worked in your campaign. Many years later I had moved to Ohio and ran for the Ohio House of Representatives and then the Ohio Senate. You graciously endorsed and supported me in those races.”

I represented Beverly in litigation before the Ohio Elections Commission in regard to her 2006 election campaign. Prior to that I had represented a number of public interest groups and citizens in high profile election litigation against the Ohio and U.S. Chambers of Commerce, and against Karl Rove and Dick Cheney et al. in regard to the theft of the 2004 Presidential Election.

The day in 2008 when you, Mr. President, were in Columbus to address a Bernie Sanders’ scale crowd of supporters on the Statehouse lawn, Beverly told me of the social relationship a high level CIA agent, she referred to as “Mark,” had initiated with her. After your election, according to Beverly, Mark assumed a high level position with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while concurrently doing contract covert activity on behalf of a variety of interests. Mark referred to himself as a “thug,” accepting assignments from whomever wanted to pay him the most money. He told Bev he was making $3.5 million a year.

The first secret revelation from Mark that Bev shared with me—in strictest confidence, with the caveat that she would deny telling me if I ever attributed it to her—was that: “911 was an inside job.”

The second was Mark’s boast that: “All it took to get Obama to stay in line was to show him the Zapruder film.”

Based upon her knowledge of Mark’s whereabouts and travel at Christmas 2009, Bev told me she suspected that Mark was the American intelligence officer who supervised and cleared the “Underwear Bomber’s” travel from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan, on Christmas Day, 2009.

I lent my copy of JFK and the Unspeakable, and Why We Need to Know About It, by James Douglass to Bev. After reading it she asked: “How can he still be alive?” Bev knew from her intimate relationship with Mark how murderous were the criminals occupying positions of power within the government.

Mark told Beverly that he had personal bodyguards-and people watching his intimate partner for possible leaks of his information. Mark also warned Bev many times that they were being monitored by a security team whenever he spent time with her at her home in Gahanna, Ohio. These minders would kill her and her sons if she betrayed his confidences. Bev told me Mark also referred to the possibility of taking out the “big kahuna,” which I inferred was a reference to me because of my extensive litigation activity against Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce since the 2000 election.

On July 17, 2008 I pointed out that Karl Rove had breached the general rule of a successful racketeering enterprise by employing his IT/Webmaster guru, Mike Connell, across the full spectrum of his criminal activities. Mike Connell’s presence was a sure marker of Karl Rove’s involvement. It is now my belief that Karl Rove made the same mistake in having Beverly’s Mark serve as his chief of executions as to all executions in which he was involved.

We learned through our opposition research team from the 2012 election cycle that Benghazi was but the first of three planned attacks upon American overseas government personnel, to serve as props for Karl Rove’s Operations Security (“OpSec”) advertisement. This ad argued that President Obama’s decision to reveal to the public how the take down of Osama bin Laden was accomplished was to serve his selfish political goal of being reelected President and that the disclosure of these methods jeopardized overseas personnel of the United States.

Because of Mark’s high level of service in the CIA and pay grade of $3.5 million afterwards that he claimed to Bev, Mark would have been a likely candidate, if he was not the person finally settled to orchestrate these planned attacks – beginning with Benghazi. I believe Mark gave the stand down order to CIA contractors a few moments away from being able to rescue Ambassador Stevens.

I believe Bev Campbell was assassinated on February 11, 2016, by the minders of her relationship with R. Nomura which had just terminated. I am transmitting Bev’s files related to this to Acting US Attorney Ben Glassman and Criminal Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Parker for review by appropriate investigative agencies for use in bringing to justice those responsible for Bev’s death.

I have been litigating against Karl Rove’s corrupt election practices since the 2000 general election cycle. In this 2016 Democratic Presidential primary election cycle, our opposition research and investigative team has determined that an advanced technology election hacking system invented by Karl Rove’s technical genius, Mikey Cunnyngham, was successfully implemented.

The ratio of votes between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton was changed by some 25-33% in favor of Hillary Clinton compared to the ratio of votes as they were originally cast by voters. This was done by dropping many voters/votes for Bernie Sanders, i.e. reducing the number of votes recorded as cast, and also switching many votes cast for Sanders to Hillary Clinton.

Cunnyngham’s innovation and Karl Rove’s application of it for the benefit of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Primary campaign is common knowledge among employees of SmarTech at which its CEO, Jeff Averbeck, continues to work exclusively on behalf of Republican candidates.

In the past the unadjusted exit polls published by the media have been a reasonably accurate measure of the actual votes as cast by the voters. In this 2016 Democratic Presidential primary election, however, they are not. The current exit polling was designed to anticipate a substantial amount of fraud in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Thus, while these polls show Sanders getting dramatically more votes than the reported tally, in fact his actual vote percentage as cast by the voters is dramatically more. In Ohio, for example, where end of day screen shots of exit poll results showed Bernie Sanders receiving 10% more than those recorded for Hillary Clinton, Sanders actually received more than enough votes to achieve a substantial majority of those cast, entitling him to the majority of Ohio’s delegates to the Democratic Convention.

The last reported exit polls before their final adjustment to conform to the reported result show Bernie winning the 2016 Democratic primary. He actually won it by a landslide. There is no credible basis to believe that the reported votes in an easily hackable electronic vote counting system controlled by the very global corporate cabal that wants to rule the world has any validity whatsoever.

Karl Rove’s team covers Republican officials. Rove’s partner on the speaking circuit, James Carville may have been involved, without the knowledge of the Clintons in influencing Democratic officials. Rove’s mentor, R. Doug Lewis, has influenced election workers of both parties. Alwaleed bin Talal, Nathaniel Rothschild and George Soros have directed financial & press support in aid of this criminal undertaking. The mainstream global corporate owned press suppresses the exit polling indicative of massive fraud in this election.

In my July 7, 2016 letter to Attorney General Lynch I described FBI Director Comey’s fundamental conflict of interest in having served as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Legal Affairs Institute of the US Chamber of Commerce. His Institute engineered the Citizen Untied decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn a hundred years of campaign finance regulation against corporate corruption of American elections. Then, pretending to act as both a career prosecutor and career investigator Director Comey terminated the investigation of Hillary Clinton for violation of security laws with her private email system.

I will now go further. When you, Mr. President, proposed an executive order to require federal contractors to disclose all their political expenditures, the US Chamber of Commerce stated that if you did so, “All options would be on the table.” If Bev Campbell’s CIA friend’s report of an implicit threat against your life is true, why was the US Chamber of Commerce not immediately interrogated under oath by the FBI and Secret Service?

Is the fact that James Comey is Karl Rove and Tom Donohue’s top lawyer in service to the global corporate cabal, have something to do with the absence of FBI Cyber security investigation of the obvious evidence of massive theft in this election? Are the overwhelming majority of Democrats who supported Bernie Sanders supposed to shift their support to Hillary Clinton because their votes have been fraudulently flipped or destroyed? If there is such a strong basis for uniting Democrats to be sure to defeat Donald Trump, why are Democratic Party leaders, including Hillary Clinton, backing Bernie Sanders–the man who is outpolling Donald Trump? Why should any American allow Karl Rove to steal another Presidential election? Perhaps with Karl Rove’s help Secretary Clinton may be able to “beat” Donald Trump, the same way she “beat” Bernie Sanders. But that way she, as the candidate of the global corporate cabal, will have won–not the people. And, whatever may be Donald Trump’s faults as a citizen candidate, it is obvious to the broad public that has supported him that the global corporate cabal’s contempt for Mr. Trump is based upon his refusal to embrace their highly profitable campaign to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Russia.

Very truly yours,

/s/ Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr.

Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr. Attorney for the Estate of Campbell, deceased

I hereby attest and affirm under penalties for perjury that the statements of fact set forth in the above letter are true and correct, based upon either my personal knowledge, or the sources that have been consistently reliable over years of my working with them, and the opinions expressed therein are my true professional opinions to a reasonable degree of certainty. I have written this letter with knowledge of the threat against my life that has been made by Mark R. Nomura on behalf of Karl Rove for doing so and their proficiency in carrying out their death threats by means of apparent suicides, fatal accidents, terminal illness as they have done to many of my witnesses, clients, and even my champion — former U.S. Attorney, Judge and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones. I intend that this letter be used by any prosecutor or citizen in any federal or state court of law court in any state, or any international tribunal, whether I am alive, dead, or incapacitated to prosecute, criminally or civilly, Karl Rove as the principal perpetrator of the fraudulent manipulation of the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary Election.

/s/ Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr.

Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr.

Sworn and subscribed before me this 26th day of July 2016. /s/DevinRobinson ________________________ Devin Robinson-Notary Public Ohio 10 Likes6 Comments3.3K Shares




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