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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Watch US Senator Graham Teeter Back and Forth Like an Angry Baby as he Coaxes Ash Carter and Joe Dunford to do a Ritual Circle-Jerk at Capitol Hill.

Absolutely mortifying.

Senator Graham’s intent in this clip is to discredit Barack Obama. At the same time, lots of double speak is being used, to make it appear as if Senator Graham is reluctant to send arms to ISIS.

A lot of hesitation on the part of Joe Dunford, as he is fully aware of the existing connections between Al-Queda, the Syrian Rebels, and ISIS. This is evident by the method in which he speaks, to try to only stick to the job parameters, and to minimize speculation.

Joe Dunford’s behavior also tells us a couple things.  Dunford’s sad puppy face, and his humble demeanor suggests that he fears Senator Graham. Since money is the main motivation in the middle east war, this leads us to speculate that Graham represents a large consortium of war profiteers.

Senator Graham makes no mention of victims, he makes no mention of the chaos.  He treats it like a business transaction.

“I just want everybody to know where we’re at in Syria.  We’re making gains against ISIL, (brief hesitation, eyes roll upward).  the main force that we’re using, are Kurds who can’t hold Raqqa, Arabs have to, you’re absolutely right about that. They (the) Kurdish force, which is the main center of gravity, inside of Syria, at this moment is not interested in putting military pressure on Assad.  Other than that, we’re in a good spot.

Business transaction

Ash Carter’s demeanor on the other hand, contrasts Joe Dunford’s. Ash Carter appears to be stronger, and more assertive. This suggests that Ash Carter is a part of the decision making process, and maintains a certain level of immunity.

At the 5:30 mark, Ash Carter uses the term “indefagitably.”  I think he meant to say, in-defatigue-ably.  This throws senator Graham for a loop, and I think some of you will know why.

After this, Senator Graham’s voice begins to crack, and he almost sounds deeply hurt. Insulted.

Very interesting.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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