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Mike Pence Fans are Not Going to Like this, but Pence Got a Few Things Wrong About Putin.


The debate was the talk of the town this evening, with both VP candidates arguing about Trump, Clinton, and yup Russia.  But why is Russia even in the debate, when the consensus among government think tanks is that the US is THE military superpower. By virtue of its military budget being higher than the next 5 countries combined, isn’t the US fully capable of wiping out the planet’s population with zero resistance?

“The small and bullying leader of Russia is not dictating terms to the United States,” Pence said. “We have got to be able to lean into this with strong, broad-shouldered American leadership.”

Mike Pence calls Putin a bully, but wasn’t it Obama and the state department, who rallied the European Union and the Commonwealth nations, to put sanctions on Russia? This was over the Ukraine crisis, where the US media blanketed the airwaves, with Anti-Russian propaganda, over a span of two years.  Much in the same way that a total media eclipse now shrouds Hillary’s e-mail scandal, and Bill’s rapes.

Benghazi, the Clinton foundation, Hillary’s seizures, the DNC resignations, the Bernie Sanders scandal; you don’t hear or see the US media reporting on these things alot.

They love to scrutinize, and micro-manage every hit piece on Trump however. Trump’s tweets, trumps business dealings from 20 to 30 years ago, Trump’s family, Trump’s interviews. It’s all about demonizing Trump.

So the same way that the US media bullies Trump, they bully Putin, as a means to deceive the people.

Here’s how the Ukraine crisis started.

Over the course of several months, Victor Yanukovich haggled with the EU, for a trade deal that would both be profitable for Ukraine, and non damaging to Russia. The EU however, wanted a deal that separates Ukraine from Russia.  This is where the disagreements began.

Let’s check the Wikipedia page (because all my past references are now buried and dead. Thanks Google)

-On 21 November 2013 the Verkhovna Rada failed to pass any of the six motions on allowing the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to receive medical treatment abroad, which was an EU demand for signing the association agreement.

-The same week Tymoshenko had stated that she was ready to ask the EU to drop the demand for her freedom if it meant President Viktor Yanukovych would sign the association agreement

-The same day a Ukrainian government decree suspended preparations for signing of association agreement; instead it proposed the creation of a three-way trade commission between Ukraine, the European Union and Russia that would resolve trade issues between the sides

-According to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Boyko Ukraine will resume preparing the agreement “when the drop in industrial production and our relations with CIS countries are compensated by the European market, otherwise our country’s economy will sustain serious damage”.

-Later on 21 November 2013, the Russian presidential press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, called the Ukrainian decree “a strictly internal and sovereign decision of the country, and we think we have no right to comment on it” and stated that Russia was prepared to have tripartite negotiations with Ukraine and the EU on trade and economic issues.

-The European Parliament’s monitoring mission in Ukraine stated (also on 21 November 2013) that there was still a possibility to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.[56] The same day Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych stated “an alternative for reforms in Ukraine and an alternative for European integration do not exist…We are walking along this path and are not changing direction”

-On 26 November 2013 the Ukrainian Government admitted that Russia had asked it to delay signing the EU association agreement and that it “wanted better terms for the EU deal”.[67] “As soon as we reach a level that is comfortable for us, when it meets our interests, when we agree on normal terms, then we will be talking about signing,” President Yanukovych stated in a televised interview

-The same day Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an end to the criticism of the Ukrainian decision to delay the association agreement, and that the EU deal was bad for Russia’s security interests.[67] Putin was responding to statements by the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, and the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, that had stated they “strongly disapproved” of Russia’s actions.

-President Yanukovych still attended the 28–29 November EU summit in Vilnius but the Association Agreement was not signed.[68][69][70] During this summit the European Union and Ukraine initialed an Air Services Agreement.[71] Also during the summit, President Yanukovych stated that Ukraine still wanted to sign the Association Agreement but that it needed substantial financial aid to compensate it for the threatened response from Russia, and he proposed starting three-way talks between Russia, Ukraine, and the EU.

-The EU rejected trilateral talks and asked Yanukovich to commit to sign the Association Agreement, which he refused to do.

And boom the match was lit

-At the end of a summit President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso stated that the EU will not tolerate “a veto of a third country” in their negotiations on closer integration with Ukraine.[73] He also stated “We are embarked on a long journey, helping Ukraine to become, as others, what we call now, ‘new member states’. But we have to set aside short-term political calculations.” com/watch?v=eaR1_an9CnQ


Victoria Nuland admits that the US had spent $5 billion to foment unrest in Ukraine. Paying people to protest, training them on how to conduct civil disobedience. Organizing criminals under a unifying banner to oust Victor Yanukovich.

“We’ve invested over 5 billion dollars to assist Ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic Ukraine.

From November 2013 to February 2014, a series of protests erupted all over Maidan. Who were these protestors?

UltranationalistsNeo Nazis.




NATO trained snipers and Estonia’s Foreign Minister

The protests were of the standard sort. At least in European terms, they were not devastatingly violent. It wasn’t like the middle east with all the Jihadists and suicide bombers.

The US and the EU got impatient. The order was given for the neo nazis to open fire on BOTH the protestors and the police, to escalate the situation. com/watch?v=3iWvS5B4Zq8


Victor Yanukovich was ousted, and on the very same day, the rat was installed.


This all happened while the world was distracted by the Olympics in Sochi.



After that, things just got worse and worse. The violence escalated. Obama celebrated the deaths of counter-protesters in Odessa.



The deaths of innocent counter-protesters in Odessa.


You didn’t hear about these things in the US, because well, the US media is corrupt to the bone. Just like how the US media whitewashes Hillary’s scandals daily.

These are the people who were forced to resign, and/or were replaced, or simply vanished and found new jobs because,

a) they were caught lying about Ukraine

b) they refused to play ball with the Pentagon.

c) they didn’t do a “good enough” job promoting the State Department.


Canada’s prime minister.

1425665037749Australia’s Prime Minister.

william_hague_2010_croppedUK Foreign minister


Canada’s foreign minister.

aug12 barfState Dept Spokesperson

psakiState Dept Spokesperson


White House Press Secretary

Hillary Doesn’t Know

Speaking of Hillary, here’s evidence of Hillary’s addiction to bad PR.

Over here, if you observed lawful protest, were a student, and were sitting on the ground with your hands tied behind your back, you would get pepper sprayed. but Hillary ain't got time fo dat!

Over here, if you observed lawful protest, were a student, and were sitting on the ground with your hands tied behind your back, you would get pepper sprayed. but Hillary ain’t got time fo dat!

Let's not mince words here. They're hooligans.

Let’s not mince words here. They’re hooligans.

There's a reason why they were arrested in the first place

There’s a reason why they were arrested in the first place






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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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