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Other Women are Coming Forward to…


Defend Trump.

Natasha Rickley

Former Miss Teen USA tells us that Donald Trump was an absolute gentleman, and that she did not witness any inappropriate behavior.


National fashion coordinator for five states for the Miss Universe Organization, says she worked with thousands of parents and young ladies. She says she has never heard one accusation against mister Trump. (No name was given)

Lucy Lawless

Emphasis: Recent history.

Xena Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless tells her story about her encounter with Donald Trump.

An engaged Lucy Lawless was forced to reject the direct advances of under-fire presidential candidate Donald Trump in 1997, it has been revealed.

Lawless today confirmed a 1997 Herald report that suggested Trump had propositioned her but backed off when he discovered she was engaged.

The Kiwi actress, who was 29 at the time and widely known as the star of hit TV show Xena: Warrior Princess, said she was staying at a Trump-owned hotel in New York at the time.

Trump, who was 51, dialled the direct line to her room.

“I was staying in his hotel and the phone rang, and I thought that was a bit peculiar,” Lawless said. He then went on to ask her out.

“The thing that was funny about it, is that he said he had recently – and you could hear the inverted commas – ‘just come on the market’. He’d just broken up with a person.

“He said, ‘Perhaps you heard, I’ve recently come on the market’. My eyebrows shot up. It was a funny term for a property developer to use.”

Lawless, who is staunchly anti-Trump, said she wasn’t tempted to take Trump up on his offer.

“I’m not a fan on any level, I don’t think. But I didn’t have anything against him until he started talking about Mexicans.”

In the Herald report from October 1997, Lawless reportedly said Trump “backed off” after his initial approach.

“He asked, ‘Are you seeing somebody?’ and I said ‘yes,’ and he immediately backed off,” Lawless reportedly said at the time.

Trump took his brush-off “like a gentleman”, it was reported. Trump had separated from his second wife Marla Maples in May, 1997, several months before he made the move on Lawless.

http://m.nzherald. co. nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11729033

Rachel Crooks’ Family Friend


A woman who claims to be a family friend of Rachel Crooks says about Rachel “She was working as a secretary for some company and she met him that way…he was being nice to her and told her he would contact her for a modelling career and he never did…end of story.”

Jessica Leeds

The Jessica Leeds Story is an interesting one. What motivators could there have been, for Jessica to agree to make a fake story. Here’s something that Jessica was probably blackmailed by Clinton with.

Jessica Leeds. An NY Liberal. Secretary and past president of the Altrusa International NY Club.

jleeds2altrusashirleymay07final-jpg-w300h141Jessica on the left.


Two of the directors, Julie K and D Daniels are part of the Hillary 4 America campaign.


Julie K boasts on her Facebook page about meeting Hillary twice. In an NYU article she is named as a Clinton volunteer.


D Daniels is a member/supporter of the Ready 4 Hillary Super PAC.

Sorry for the picture quality. This is the best I can find so far.

Jessica Leeds’ dead husband is Arnold Leeds. Arnold had a daughter named Gail.


Gail is married to Charles Reeds.


Charles Reeds used to be Charles Rutkoff.


Ananda Charles Rutkoff and Gail Susan Leeds, sexual predators.

aiercu com/watch?v=GzNWKXyKArY&t=12s


Video of a woman identifying herself as Gail at Fineartspacking, right near CBS in Los Angeles!  Comments are disabled for the video.

Mind blown.


2 comments on “Other Women are Coming Forward to…

  1. DeAnna S Pennington

    You might want to add this information to the article too. I found it on Twitter originally.

    • Digital Empire

      Thank you. Unfortunately I can’t view Facebook images, so I’m not sure what is in it. I’ll leave your link up anyways so maybe others can view it.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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