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Is Marvel Contributing to the Destruction of Society by Spreading George Sorosian Values?


The Introductions

Here’s how the story starts. A group of young superheros making introductions to themselves, and to you the reader.

Spider man makes a self deprecating joke with a not so subtle jab at a prominent African American entertainer who’s known for his sometimes volatile stance on racial inequality. The group’s leader, Ms. Marvel interjects but doesn’t completely address the issue. She instead de-escalates, by changing the topic. That’s what a good leader does, she explores group dynamic.

r5Vision, the girl with the yellow speech bubble asks “Does your strength increase in relation to your stature?”

Vision is an android with a computerized brain. She represents the high logic, deeply analytical character archetype. Vision uses the wrong word however. “Stature.”  Stature in this context is used as a backdrop to enforce new age feminism. The image of Ms. Marvel towering over the group with her arms pushed out menacingly, is supposedly meant to convey a proportionate increase in physical strength.

Traditionally, the word “size” would have been used instead of stature, but because of new age feminist brainwashing, the writer forces the kids who are reading this, to adopt a false political reality, where a person can simply say that he or she is dominant, not because of virtue, and not by physical attributes, but by lies, deception, and a tacit reliance on people’s ignorance.


Here’s where the hulk gets introduced. He’s the goofball. The big bully. The guy who gets chided by a stern warning from Ms Marvel.  Surprisingly, Ms. Marvel is allowed to use the words “little hat.”

Ms. Marvel continues to assert her dominance over the group by chastising the Hulk, while simultaneously shaming Nova.

Hulk’s face is inked in black to convey shame, but Nova’s face is also inked in black.  Strange isn’t it?  Nova wasn’t offered any vindication by the group leader’s intervention.

I can hear the lamenting and simultaneous approvals by male millennials already. It’s the emasculated generation. The me me me generation.

r7Nova gets his time in the spotlight by tossing the Hulk around. Male vs male. Ms. Marvel has successfully sowed the seeds of doubt into the tribe. On the bottom panel, the Hulk is again shamed with a black inked face, and Nova turns his back to him, while at the same time he submits himself to an emasculated court of opinions.


George Soros strikes again by reminding you that the Vision is always right, because the Vision has a computerized brain. She’s “impartial,” “non partisan,” and totally a “neutral player.” She did not find it necessary to learn alien languages because she’s multi-lingually, simply, and immeasurably intelligent.

Remember, Vision is the one who casually inferred to Ms. Marvel’s “stature” as a proportionate representation of her “Strength.” Vision is intelligent enough to lie it seems.

Nova stares back into the abyss questioningly. His face says “Gee I wonder how all that is possible.” But before we are given an answer, here comes the Hulk with another inappropriate male-centric comment! (A subtle jab at the Reddit community, which is known for hosting A.M.A.s.)

Ms. Marvel comes in with a seemingly innocent challenge. Hulk being the male that he is, accepts the challenge of course.  BOOM OFF GOES THE HULK TO THE MOON!

Ms. Marvel (George Soros) is so clever!

Soros eu

Now if you think all this is bad…

Now if you think this is simply the result of bad writing or just simple poorly interpreted geopolitics, you should remind yourself that kids are bombarded by this stuff 24/7.  TV shows and politically influenced internet campaigns are all about drugs, transgenderism, neo liberalism, inter-racial adultery, and censorship.

There is no longer a strong focus on tradition, monogamy, abstinence from drugs, or cohesive families.

Millennials, and to some extent generation X, are expected to be troubled kids. Nowadays, if you don’t have a history of abuse, or a drug addiction, or a past predilection for self harm or crime, you’re not normal.  You’re an outcast. A relic.

You’ve been hoodwinked to think you are weak.

George Soros stole your shit.

r10No, no, no! Don’t talk about this on the internet. Don’t seek the advice of your elders. Listen to meeee. Don’t you dare have an opinion. Remember even androids can cry. Sadface.

The vision can alter her body’s density at will, from being diamond hard to being completely incorporeal.

r11Yes master. At once my queen. You are the new male. Drink the semen of wisdom. (Gender reversal. In the story of Adam and Eve, Eve was corrupted by the tree of wisdom.) If two Captain Americas have cocks, then why can’t you also have a cock.

Here comes Cyclops to drop the hammer.

12The male catches the female. The female is not required to catch the male. The Vision, with her computerized brain, felt it was unnecessary. She is simply programmed to do so. (Wasn’t she supposed to be the guardian if high logic?) This is how we build trust apparently.

Nova tries to drink the seed of wisdom, but because he’s a male, he cannot absorb it. Ms. Marvel looks on with lust, wishing the spilt semen was instead spilt on her face.

This comic book artist is clearly projecting his sexual fantasies onto the reader. An example of how established artists and writers try to corrupt the impressionable youth.

Are you seeing the propaganda now?

r13The group leader gives a decree. The Vision needs not to explain herself. New age feminism.

Pay attention to this part. The Vision explores her robotic sexuality by attempting to kiss Nova.  But isn’t she immeasurably intelligent, and that learning is unnecessary for her?

14Uh oh. Here comes Cyclops. He’s here to break the conditioning. But before that can happen, the writer does something incredibly dumb. MICROAGRESSIONS!

Is this the essence of revolution that millennials are preoccupied with these days? Microaggressions.

In the old days, people dealt with microagressions through friendly banter. In the old days, people developed a natural defense from microagressions by engaging in battles fought with words. They never tried to appeal to the enemy’s guilt by citing ubiquitous claims to morality.

Have you ever, in your life, won a fight by appealing to the enemy’s sense of morality? Have you?

This is the new generation folks. Weakened, and stripped of their defenses. And they do it because it’s trendy.

I’m sorry to the millennials reading this, but if you can’t see the erosion of quality in contemporary literature, even if it’s just in comic books, which by the way reaches a very large youth demographic, and is more easily consumed by the youth considering the shortened attention spans of this generation, and the shrunken screen-sizes of e-book readers and mobile phones, then you’re lost and without hope.

r15SHZAAAK! Cyclops breaks the trance by toppling the Hulk. He explains why on the next page. Notice how the Hulk appears to know, or tangentially suspects Ms. Marvel’s treachery?

The Hulk tries to bring up the issue of the tainted seed from the tree of wisdom by mentioning the words “Liquid Refreshment,” like a good journalist would do, but before he is given the opportunity…

r18False flag attacks, and mass confusion. Corrupt mainstream media capitalizes on mass hysteria. The Hulk who represents good journalism, is pushed out of the picture. And on the next page…


Here the writer redeems himself. Sort of.  Cyclops’ presence sheds light on the disillusioned youth. He is the one eyed man in the land of the blind. Cliche or appropriate?

The Hulk tries to even the score through the use of banter…but he’s not allowed because the Hulk, while representing good journalism, also represents the bully character archetype.  Bullies are the archnemesis of new age feminists, and as such they have no rights, no recourse for vindication, not even if they’re the ones being abused, beaten, scolded, or blasted by optic beams.

The message here is, if you’re a man, expect to be ganged up on by the court of public opinion, which is currently occupied by women who have been co-opted by new age feminism, and emasculated men.


Notice the Hulk has yet to use his powers to crush anybody to dust? He’s so far only used words. Just words.

r20The council of emasculated principles gives no quarter to men with opinions.

It’s 2-0 for Cyclops because Ms.Marvel finds him sexually attractive, both in their skin tight suits.  She sees the immediate threat to her dominance over the group and quickly moves to co-opt her potential rival. She gives him a subtle embrace, with her tits gently brushing against his flank.

Leaders are naturally expected to be attracted to other leaders right? This is Ms.Marvel once again exploring the group’s dynamics, as the writer winds the story down for the comic’s end.

r21Obviously, in this false reality, the man who broke the conditioning is the villain. Cyclops is seen as the evil one. The tempter. The evil “old guy,’ elder archetype.

A casual “Hitler” name drop.  Most millennials don’t even know who Hitler is, but the writer is relying on that one little fact because he knows you won’t do the research. The writer expects you to trust Cyclops is Hitler because the writer says so. It’s a political technique that propagandists have taught established writers and artists to use over the course of the last 6 decades.

I’m not saying Hitler was not a bad guy. I’m saying that established writers and artists capitalize on your ignorance to re-enforce their chosen narratives, even if it serves no benefit to the reader’s education, and especially if it serves to lower your social awareness.

That’s the danger in this story.

But Wait, There’s More!

r22Ba-Da-Bing, Ba-Da-Boom.


Can you imagine the size of the Hulk’s cock inside the female android’s vagina? Is this a subtle tip of the derby hat to inter-racial cuckoldry? Is this a subtle reference to the myth of the big black cock? Is this a subtle reference to poly-amorous relationships? Is this a subtle reference to… well you get the idea.

This is what kids are reading these days. Badly scripted porn, whitewashed to appeal to millennials.

Now it’s hard to tell whether the writer was intelligent enough to purposely relay this massive Sorosian subterfuge to society.  Maybe he doesn’t know anything about Soros, and he mistakenly told a story that reflects the reality on the ground.  Time will tell.



2 comments on “Is Marvel Contributing to the Destruction of Society by Spreading George Sorosian Values?

  1. Seeking Wisdom

    Microagressions in a Marvel comic ! Good one. No wonder the readership is dropping and old fans hate this stuff. It was just plain awful and boring, the whole thing.

    TRUMP 2016 !


    • Digital Empire

      Hahah. Yeah. I thought the same thing. Times have changed so much haven’t they? My old heroes are now strangers. I don’t recognize them anymore!


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