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Anti-Trump Riots Update 2. Canadian Film-maker’s Story is Somewhat Suspicious


Developing Story:

The Santa Monica Police Department has reported no calls from a Calgarian bearing wounds.

The Calgary Film-maker claimed he received 5 staples to his head after receiving emergency treatment at a hospital, but no records have been found to indicate this.


Chris Ball responded 3 hours ago with a picture of a release form from West Hills hospital, in West Hills CA.


Metro News, a pro Clinton Astroturf website from Canada is following this story. Metro News’ article is claiming that this story is genuine, however, there are a few discrepancies that must be noted.


The Calgary Film Maker states that he exited a Santa Monica bar before promptly being attacked with a bottle. However, there was no clear or definite accusation of whether the attackers were Trump supporters or Clinton supporters.

Furthermore, West Hills Hospital is 25 to 30 miles north of Santa Monica, according to Lt. Saul Rodriguez from the Santa Monica Police department. 25 to 30 miles is a bit far considering the severity of Chris’ wound.

“It’s very common that when a victim of a crime come to a hospital, they call the call the local police department. In this particular case, we did not receive any phone calls,” he said.

When presented with information from the hospital discharge form, Rodriguez said that the hospital is not actually within Santa Monica.

“The city of the West Hills is actually about 25 or 30 miles north of us. So, it’s not necessarily in or anywhere near Santa Monica,” he said.

Police had checked hospitals within Santa Monica after hearing about the incident from social media.



The photo that went viral is also very suspicious. His watch does not have any blood on it and his eyes do not appear to have any blood on it. The amount of blood on his face and his shirt appears real, but I can’t shake this feeling that there is too much blood. I don’t know.

Also worth mentioning is the lack of pain on Chris Ball’s facial expression.  It might be real, it might not. I’m not sure.


A photo of the stitches Chris received was also submitted to Metro news. A head wound the likes of which Chris Ball claims he sustained, would most likely have required the nurses to shave his hair.  The 4 visible stitches appear to also be above several strands of hair, not underneath them. It looks strange. Still, I’ll give Chris Ball the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the blood on the previous photo just made the injury look much worse than it actually was.

This story is still developing, so I’m holding off on calling this story fake or real for now. For now, we’ll just wait for more details.


Chris Ball has a Youtube channel called Chris Bawl. It appears that Chris Ball has a history of performing amateur stunts ranging from surfing an SUV, to doing parkour off of a streetlamp.

chrisbawl chrisbawl2

It’s probable that the medical report he submitted to Metro News is from a previous accident, and the dates were simply photo-shopped to make it look like it was recent.  The photo of the stitches above also appear to show wounds that have healed, and does not correspond to a fresh wound sustained from 1 day prior.

Here’s a photo of him in what appears to be an emergency center.


An ELA analysis of the medical record does not appear to show any signs of tampering however. (ELA is a way to find if any bright areas on an image highly contrasts any other bright areas in an image. If a high contrast is found, then it is a sign of tampering. The large black areas merely indicate areas which have experienced no changes.)


To show you what an ELA analyzer does, here’s an image containing blatant photoshops.

poland2Here’s the ELA analysis.

polandelaThe purple rings are the indicators of photoshop tampering.

According to Metro News, Chris Bawl is a horror film maker, which explains his access to fake blood and movie props.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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