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2017 The Year of the Rooster


Are you prepared for the new year? 2016 was the year of the monkey, and since the monkey is the master of making deals, things having to do with trades, deals and exchange in 2016 were supercharged. Many resourceful individuals made out like bandits in 2016, but now it’s time to prepare for a big change of pace.

2017 is the year of the rooster.  The rooster is not a strange creature.  It is every thing that you have ever heard about it. Very confident, and very sure of itself, brimming with energy, and unbound by complacency, the rooster will stop at nothing to prove that he is right.

It is a year for both actions and words, and you will be hard pressed to separate the two from each other.  The rooster is always sure that he is correct.

Even when he is confronted with the facts, the rooster will insist on being correct.  He will back up his arguments with actions not because he seeks to save face, he will simply and unknowingly do it because that is the energy that will become dominant through the year 2017.

The rooster is a hard headed, stubborn character.  He is very focused and very meticulous. He sets out on a specific set of guidelines, and he hardly ever detracts from it.

The rooster is very flashy. He’s a sharp dresser. He loves the attention and he is known to overdecorate.  His house, his mansion, his offices, everything that the rooster owns will be overdecorated.

The rooster is not a vindictive character.  There is nothing personal with his moves.  He is simply the rooster. Relentless, focused, and always sure that he is correct.  The good rooster’s focus is to help you, even if he sometimes seems brash and undiplomatic. The bad rooster however, is still a mystery. 2017 will reveal the bad rooster’s character.

The rooster is very good with money. He likes to micromanage.  He can micromanage his finances, your finances, and your friends’ finances simultaneously with ease. That is one of his specialties.  He’s not very generous, but he’s not cheap either. He will help you for the sole purpose of improving your life, because that is the good nature of the rooster. But if you take advantage of his generosity, he will smack you in the face 1000 times before you even realize it.

The rooster female will be a bit more subdued in her words and her actions.  She will be very attentive to details. She will make sure that her house is in order before setting off with other duties.  Making deals with the female rooster will be far easier, as she is more adaptable and more practical.  She will often be ahead of schedule, often relying on the more subtle but effective methods.  She is patient and reliable, and she is a very protective mother. With that said, the rooster female is still very brash with her words. She will often be hurtful, but only because she wants to help.  She is not vindictive by nature, but she will let you know when her feelings are hurt.

The rooster female will help you everytime you stumble. She cannot bear to see you make mistakes.  It is her nature to see you succeed, even if her words and actions make her seem overzealous.

She is a simple dresser. She prefers the classical and the natural. She tends to have a lot of accessories, but that’s her style. She takes note of you, your dress size, your measurements, and every little detail about you.  She knows you more than you know yourself.

The modest rooster, when he tasks himself with mundane activities, will achieve innumerable things.  This is because of the rooster’s go-to personality and his near boundless energy.  It is often said that the rooster can find food in even the hardest ground.

The rooster is blessed with competence, and as such he will have a natural talent for accomplishing almost anything.  No rooster is born stupid.

Tips and advice for the rooster in 2017.

Patience, and moderation. The rooster depends on his confidence to achieve success, but a touch of modesty and humility will enhance his overall performance by tenfold.  The rooster must be willing to accept criticism in order to maintain his bearings, and to stay grounded. Other people will come to rely and depend on the rooster’s positivity, and this is why the rooster needs to manage his reputation intelligently.  The rooster is a natural at inciting animosity, and because of this the rooster must take care to minimize the number of hurtful words and actions he takes in 2017.  Other than this, the year of the rooster should be a fun and eventful year.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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