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That’s Not the Whole Story


By now, you’ve heard that Gen Flynn had resigned from Trump’s administration, and the fake news are capitalizing on this now by printing thousands of duplicate articles, pushing a very narrow focused narrative across the web.

The Washington Post, CNN, Reuters, fledgeling websites like Vox, and Motherjones; they’re all using this opportunity to drive paranoia not only to the minds of readers like you and me, but to Trump himself.

The main message they’re pushing is that Trump’s inner circle is falling apart. First, they tried to smear Bannon as a neo-Nazi.  After that they targetted Kelly-Ann Conway.  What I find odd right now is that the fake news have set their eyes on Mike Pence.

Why the VP?

If you scour social media, you’ll read the whispers of saboteurs claiming that Mike Pence is coveting the spot of the President of the United States.  This is a weird vector that the fake news has chosen.

Sowing seeds of doubt, divide and conquer, it is the same tactic they used last month, to try and shove Trump into multiple and simultaneous military conflicts.

We all know that Trump’s no.1 priority is to fix the U.S., so it goes against principle that Trump would have the motive to throw the country yet again into an overt war this early.

And all this subterfuge would have had a small chance to work until…

shefuckedupYou see, as much as the establishment media, along with the neo-conservatives, the weapons lobby, and the Soros group, like to circle their wagons around Trump, the one thing they can’t change is Hillary. The loose cannon. The one they can’t give orders to.

If you don’t understand what she meant by that tweet, take a look at the last sentence by Philip Reines. “COMETS.”

This is in reference to the investigation into Podesta. Specifically Podesta’s connection to the Comet Pizza parlor.

And that’s where I’ll leave it, because when you see Hillary crawling out from her dungeon to settle old scores, you know something big, and something deep is a brewing.

(Because you know, this isn’t at all like Hillary’s usual pretend self. This time, this macabre dark persona on Twitter is uncharacteristic.)



One comment on “That’s Not the Whole Story

  1. larryzb

    Hillary, with her poker face; a loose cannon, indeed. Good points!

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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