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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Let’s See What the Left is Up To. (Smell my Fingers Late Night Edition)


You know you love to hear how the deep state thinks. I do too. And that’s why we’re back here again to decipher the radical left’s narrative!

Alright, according to the WhiteHouse Twitter account, Kellogg is now the acting Nat Sec Advisor.  This means one of two things, Kelogg could be the permanent advisor, or he could be the interim replacement, in the eve of Flynn’s resignation.


But who is the lefty audience being pushed to root for?

Somebody named Harward?  We’ve never heard of Harward before, but his backstory is somehow laid out and ‘ready made’ for us to believe.

harwardSeen here is Vice admiral Harward in a photo op with Jordan’s Prince Faisal.

I don’t know what Jordan is up to but the latest is that Jordan is in a U-Turn to refocus their efforts in fighting Daesh.  A lot of weird stuff going on.

According to the Vox article, Harward is the new media darling.  Flynn’s the evil commie, Harward is Captain America.  Vox cites an article by the notorious astroturf website: The Washington Post.


Alright, I’ll bite. Let’s dive deep into the cess pool.


Another unnamed source. What are they trying to hide?

harward3There it is!  There’s the sales pitch!  This is what Vox is trying to sell its readers.  Iran.

It appears they’re trying to set up the media darling for a future downfall, via more click-bait astroturf.  We know that the neo-conservatives grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, and that era was very anti-Iran, and anti-Russia.  So now, if Harward somehow messes up in any way, they can paint him in the future as an evil commie by virtue of his childhood!  How conveniently racist!

But if the deep state can manipulate a war advocate into the White House, it benefits them in the short term, because the money is currently not flowing in.

This was what was put on hold after Hillary lost.  The neo-conservatives are somehow seeing dips in their paychecks.










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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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