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One of the Smartest, and Most Quick Witted Ambassadors Passed Away Today


Vitaly Churkin, the man who stood up for the truth in an arena not far removed from our own.  Over here, we squabble about the legitimacy of reporting done by the mainstream news media.  Over at the UN however, you can be assured that all of them are handed the actual facts, and thus it is a conscious choice for UN ambassadors to either champion the truth, or to champion lies. It’s one of the reasons I admired Vitaly Churkin.  Not only did he speak the truth, but he championed the truth with a level of sincerity and a manner of conduct that we can all relate to, and with a purpose to benefit all of mankind.

Vitaly Churkin spoke with the fluency of one who was guided by the facts.  His words were often unrehearsed, and they were always accentuatued by sharp witticism that one only achieves when his opponents are backed into a corner and paralyzed by fear.  In a sense, he knew precisely how to back his opponents into a corner and how to clobber them swiftly.

If I speak highly of Vitaly Churkin, it’s not because ‘oh I’m a Russian shill huh huh hh.’  No, I speak highly of Vitaly Churkin because I can see the differences between quality and mediocrity, and Vitaly Churkin is the most gifted UN ambassador I’ve seen in my entire life.

Personally, I don’t want to be angry but I am.  The news about his death leaves many questions unanswered.  It was reported that he “died suddenly” in New York.

My first reaction, (and this is my personal reaction, not somebody else’s opinion copied and pasted here), was that he was poisoned, but I don’t know that for fact. He died 1 day before his 65th birthday, and that fits in with a specific pattern of unexplained deaths that revolve around ceremony.  If his death was actually a murder, then this was a signal to Russia that the globalists are not willing to concede defeat. I don’t have to remind you guys that we’re in the middle of a war that is being fought overtly through politics, and less so militarily.  The last thing that anybody should ever want, is for this to descend into a military conflict fought between the Russia and the US.

When I specifically point out Russia and the US, I don’t mean that Russia and the US are solely responsible for their inability to get along. What I’m saying is that these two nations are recognized as the biggest nuke nations, and so there are many in the shadows who would use these two countries as pawns to keep the war moving.

A plea to my readers, let’s not forget what our goals are.  We have to remember that peace and mutual understanding is the way to defeat the globalists.  It is the way to cleanse the corruption  that plagues all our nations. Let’s push away all the lies and fear that the globalists push through the corrupt mainstream media.  Let’s remember a gifted ambassador who fought for all our benefit, and try to be more like him in the coming years. We don’t want to be overtaken by hysteria, we don’t want to be ridiculed for wanting peace.

Thank you Mr.Churkin. I have prayed and will continue to pray that your work will be taken up by current and future generations so that we can one day achieve peace between Russia and the US.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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