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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

The Differences That Stand in the Way of Putin. (Click this)

A typical news article written by western MSM typically starts out:

On a stretch of road in some desolate place somewhere, cited by some guy over here doing some ambigous thing like this etc. Oh contemporary poetry!

And that’s exactly how this NYT article below starts out!

On a stretch of road in northern Syria, a missile screamed from the sky and obliterated a car, killing an Islamist militant and leaving a wreck of twisted metal in an olive grove.

https://www.nytimes .com/2017/03/10/world/middleeast/reporting-from-syria-an-american-with-a-point-of-view-and-a-message.html?_r=0

Let’s go back to reality and read about actual peace talks

These are the statements by President Putin after holding a joint briefing with President Tayyip Erdogan.  Peace seems to be underway.

“As for the prospect (of the settlement in Syria), we must say frankly that the situation remains complicated. There are a alot of uncertainties; a lot of contradictions in the region and in the country itself – in Syria.

Therefore, I want to express cautious optimism that by joining efforts with other solid players, including the US, we will be able to effectively contribute to the strengthening of the ceasefire regime and, on its basis, to move towards a full-fledged political settlement.”

“For peace and calm to remain in the region and the rebuilding of Syria to begin, the principle of the territorial integrity of states must be respected, and in this sense the restoration of the territorial integrity of Syria is -in our view- a paramount condition for a full-fledged settlement in this country.”

Very interesting.  There’s no better time for peace than now is what I always like to say. If we read into what Putin said above, it’s very clear that peace is what Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria are working towards. I’m quite sure that Trump will be briefed by his advisors on Russia and Turkey’s joint briefing.  That a positive outlook from my perspective.

What is wrong with the New York Times (shrug) (reddit solipsism elipses)

Meanwhile, the NYT article that I referenced above is calling for sympathy for ISIS….

But he acknowledged that he speaks with members of Syria’s Islamist factions, including Al Qaeda, to provide Western audiences with a window into their views.

He speaks to Alqueda and yet he’s not in jail on terrorist charges…

Too often, he said, the West dismisses Islamist fighters as “terrorists” without understanding what motivates them, just as Islamists fail to understand the United States. That has locked the two sides in an endless, “lose-lose” battle, he said, which he believes can be solved only through dialogue.

Somehow we “fail to understand terrorists”

“You get up to brush your teeth and a fight kicks off,” he said. “That’s normal.”

He wants us to accept that “It’s normal to be buddy buddy with ISIS”

“Wooooo, apples!” Mr. Abdul Kareem said.

Why does the NYT so badly want to normalize terrorism? Did they not learn from the beheading of journalists such as Sotloff? or Foley? Or the Pulse Nightclub? Bataclan theatre?

Readers, we should always be weary of what comes out from the NYT, otherwise we’ll never get out of this state of delusion.





2 comments on “The Differences That Stand in the Way of Putin. (Click this)

  1. Jamie Carter

    I grew up learning that any good news report answers these questions:

    What happened?
    Who is involved?
    Where did it take place?
    When did it take place?
    Why did that happen?

    And sometimes this one:

    How did it happen?

    So if the article in question answers all these questions – is it not doing it’s job? I’ve always found it preferable to read from many different news sources, ones that balance out their perspectives. But I find it flawed to read only one kind of news from just one source as if they couldn’t be wrong. Surely even your own go-to source has missed the mark at least once.

    • Digital Empire

      Agreed. I always ask what, who, where, when, and why.

      I’m not disagreeing with you at all. I agree with you.

      Actually, at the tail end of my article, I asked why the NYT wanted to normalize the acceptance of ISIS, Al’Nusra and Al’queda. We shouldn’t forget the Bataclan theatre incident where so many innocent people were killed. The Pulse Nightclub incident, James Foley and Stefen Sotloff. All these people were victims of ISIS, and/or ISIS adherents.

      There’s also a lot of stuff that the article by the NYT didn’t ask. The NYT article instead chose to highlight the writer’s relationships with Al’Queda and Al Nusra

      It felt as if that was the focus of the article. It felt as if the article was written to generate sympathy for ISIS.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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