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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Does Dershowitz Like to Brag? Ah-yup!

Alan Dershowitz. Here’s a name that you don’t hear very often. I don’t know anything about Dershowitz, but a recent trending article on Breitbart snared my curiosity.

The article was published today.  He appears to have jumped the democratic Titanic and is now courting Trump.

But I recognize his name from somewhere. For some reason I keep mistaking Dershowitz for Alan Greenspan, former chief of the federal reserve, but there are no connections between the two, (not that I know of). A quick Google search brings up this:

Juicy! But that’s none of my business.

Does Dershowitz like to brag?  It certainly appears to be the case.

Dershowitz threatened to leave the Democratic party in February.  It was a very angry criticism of the Democratic party’s leadership.

But later, Dershowitz claims he had nothing to do with the Democrats’ abrupt U-Turn, as if his anger fueled rant just a few days prior was a mere fart to the wind.

This next screencap will upset Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein fans, who by the way know that Debbie Wasserman Shulz rigged the primaries to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  But even then, Bernie Sanders was compensated generously with a $600,000 lake-front summer house in Lake Champlain. Dershowitz nonchalantly bypasses this segment of recent history, so as not to tarnish his op-ed piece.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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