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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Today’s Fake News Comes to You from Luddite Rubio. Care of WaPo.

Let me tell ya they are getting desperate over at r/politics.  Above is a screenshot of Rubio’s interview, below is a screenshot of r/politics.

Rubio contends that his staffers were hacked in July, but if you remember what the democrats were saying during the GOP primaries, they were saying that Hillary’s best chances of making her victory look legit was if she went head to head against Trump. Take for example the pre-election predictory golden calf Nate Silver. Every night, Hillary supporters would reblog Nate Silver’s articles.  Five Thirty Eight on Face-book, Five Thirty Eight on Twitter, Five Thirty Eight on TV.  Nate Silver was the leading lefty authority in all things “win.”


Pitting Trump against Hillary was a ‘sure win’ for the Democrats.

Recently it was revealed that the DeepState had in their hands, a series of malware that could alter signatures, to make it look as if they came from sources outside of the DeepState.   This DeepState engineered malware is assumed to not be a recent thing, that they had been around for a number of years, and that it would be more than likely that they have been used to conduct all sorts of nasty secretive things all over the globe.  Is it possible that the DeepState wanted Trump to beat his GOP opponents so bad, that they would go as far as hacking Rubio so that Trump could then be served up to Hillary and her army of mainstream media astroturfers? I think so!

The DeepState were so certain they had the elections clinched that they even convinced Canada to reprint articles from the UK, yadda yadda yadda. Here’s an example.

The DeepState via the Clinton campaign had everybody fooled so unequivocally, that even the people who had the clear where-withal to check opposing voices didn’t check the opposing voices.  Their victory was exclusively contingent on Trump losing.  Sounds funny I know, but these are CNN, CBS and MSNBC viewers we’re talking about here.

To compound that, the sore losers of the election  now expect us to believe that Trump cheated via Russian hacking?  But here we have evidence of Hillary cheating.

Through brainwashing

By hiring criminals

Through deception

They were fully prepared to pity Trump voters after Hillary’s win! They wanted so badly to ride the high horse!

They even had a ‘President Hillary’ magazine mass produced! I mean, did anybody actually buy the 98.2% chance bit? Oh wait…

Did Hillary, with the help of Biden, Obama, and Bill even bother to campaign in the heart of America? No. She focused on big cities. Coastal cities. She campaigned through CNN (which nobody watches), through the NYtimes (which nobody reads), through late night talk shows (which working people don’t watch).

So this Russia hacked the elections thing makes zero sense. Hillary was lazy, and her supporters were lazy.  If Democrats think that Russia could somehow have made 50 million plus voters vote for Trump, when Trump was polling nationally at 2%, then they must be smoking some serious shit!

TWO FLIPPIN’ PERCENT, how did Russia pull that off holy shit I’m completely lost!


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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