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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

MIT Professor Picks Apart US Intel of Khan Shaykhun Sarin Attack. Additional Speculations.

This is the site that US political intel claimed was the target of a gas bomb.  Next to the crater was a grain storage facility.  Strangely enough, there was no grain debris to be found in or around the area.

It was this grain storage facility that sparked the curiosity of a ton of people on the internet. It led to a lot of people questioning the narrative. Who is lying, and why were they lying to us? Who benefits, and how do we catch these criminals?

People started digging. Areal photos, Media samples, possible trajectories. Munitions used, debris dispersal, crater topology.

People noticed the strange cylindrical object in the center of the crater. They started analyzing the shape of the crater.

Then people started analyzing the videos. Why were these people wearing sandals? Those latex gloves aren’t very useful in handling sarin. People started asking why these two indivduals were disturbing the crime scene.

Then the pieces started to come together. The shape, depth, and size of the crater seemed to suggest that it could have been mortar fire. Fired from the north, deep inside rebel (ISIS) territory.

Could the crater have been intentionally created to make it appear as if a plane had dropped a bomb from the sky? Setting the stage for what would later become a controlled explosion of chemical weapons? How old was this crater? When did this happen?

A dead goat. Just because. The fake reporters wanted that in the video.

From different angles. A toxin hazard placard is placed on the crater, does it matter?

And Twitter commentary that I picked up randomly this morning.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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