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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

CBS Relies on its Readers Not to Read the Entire Article

Just one more reason to steer clear of CBS, CNN, NyTimes, Washington Post, MSNBC and the Associated Press.

The image says it all, but for a little bit of background info, Trump in his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, had  called for the Arab states to drive out ISIS and the support of radical extremism from Arab society.

This was essentially Trump putting the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Yemen on notice, because all four and quite demonstrably more in the middle east have been found to have funded and provided logistical support at one time or another, for the terrorist group called ISIS. This list includes Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Libya and some that I can’t remember for now.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE chose to betray Qatar and pinned it all on them, essentially making Qatar the “fall guy.” The result of this was a cutting of diplomatic ties and a weird trade embargo of sorts which led to Turkey then throwing their support behind Qatar.

The only people genuinely fighting ISIS right now are Russia, Lebanon, Iran, and Syria. (And possibly the Trump Administration’s new engagement in Syria <— I’m still unclear about this.)

The Iraqis are embedded with the US/Commonwealth coalition forces.

The Kurds are in a conditional agreement with the coalition forces and are fighting ISIS in return for land, and the Iraqis and Turks are opposed to the Kurds obtaining said land.

It’s all still a little bit muddy as far as I’m concerned, but CBS and rest of the peanuts gallery have decided to muddy the waters even more by making it sound as if Trump sold weapons to Qatar just weeks after Qatar was pinned to be the middle east “fall guy.”

If you’ve been following the story since 2013 however, then you would know that all those nations listed above  (with the exception of Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Syria), had all been instrumental in fostering a climate of radical extremism in and around the region of Syria.  Yes this includes Israel and Obama.

This story is ongoing.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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