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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Personally, I’m Willing to Hear Chancellor Merkel Out

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opposes the new anti Russian sanctions drafted by the US Senate.  The dispute is over the negative impact the sanctions would have on the price of energy for Europe.  I wonder how many low income and middle class Europeans would disapprove of US senators meddling in their household bills, especially when the basis of the US sanctions is wrought off of a bitter retaliation by Hillary Clinton’s losing party, (ie. fake allegations of election hacking).

The sanctions will inevitably move the EU to respond by bolstering its traditional ties with Russia, and of course this runs counter to the aspirations of cold war era dinosaurs left occupying seats in the US senate.

I’ve always thought that the anti-Russia factions in the senate were heavy handed in thought, but light on thinking.  It’s what caused the blindside epiphany they collectively experienced after pouring so much campaign money to prop up Hillary, and then losing to Trump on November 8 anyways.

Austrian Chancellor Kern and German Foreign Minister Gabriel also signalled their disapproval of the anti-Russian sanctions.  They realize they’re being played for fools in this international tug of war between angry US politicians and the Russian Federation.  They know that it’s not a targetted attack on President Putin, rather they know that it’s a blanket discrimination of the Russian ethnicity. But far be it for me to cry ‘racism’ in this politically charged and racially energized atmosphere, I’m just an outsider looking in.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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