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The Future is Bright

But only if we apply proper maintenance to it daily. We knew fixing the world wouldn’t be easy. It takes the combined efforts of level headed doers and thinkers to … Continue reading

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National Debt Decreased by $100bil.

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We’re Draining the Swamp as Fast as We Can.

Just don’t tell the wizard behind the curtains. Subscribe to my blog. You know you want to.

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The Deep State’s Next Move

It’s quiet. Too quiet. It’s that moment of lull when all the cogs are being manually adjusted. In the days leading up to the anti-Iran (anti-Russia) sanctions bill, the Deep … Continue reading

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Bad Deal. Trump to Sign Anti-Russia Bill

After reviewing the final version of the Anti-Iran bill (Anti-Russia bill disguised as an anti-Iran bill), President Trump intends to sign it.  It’s the equivalent of shooting one’s self in … Continue reading

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Russia Blocks 1/2 of American Embassy Staffers Working in Russia

From an estimated number of 1,100, down to 455. Embassy staffers are to be blocked from working in Russia. The official date for this booting of diplomats is September 1. … Continue reading

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Here’s the New Chief of Staff John F Kelly

John F Kelly was born an Irish Catholic according to his Wikipedia bio. That’s a positive sign. John F Kelly is replacing Reince Priebus. Reince is suspected to be a … Continue reading

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Unconfirmed: Nikki Haley to Replace Rex Tillerson

People are getting angry! Whether or not this is real (and Posobiec is loyal to Trump, in a TMZ sort of way), it doesn’t look to be very much like … Continue reading

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John Cantlie Update.

A little bit of sad news today. The British reporter who had been an ISIS media man for a number of years is reportedly dead. He was held against his … Continue reading

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Obamacare Repeal Blocked

Everytime something goes wrong, it’s these two that are responsible for it. McCain and Graham.  They’re what you would call RINOs. Republicans in name only. They play both sides to … Continue reading

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Hezbollah Successful in Clearing Out ISIS from the Jurud Arsal Border.

BEIRUT – The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah said on Wednesday that the group was close to defeating Nusra Front militants in the battle along the Syrian-Lebanese border. “We are in … Continue reading

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Small Improvements in Japan

Dentsu, one of the leading ad agencies in Japan plans to cut overall working hours per person by 20 percent. It’s part of a plan that seeks to improve labor … Continue reading

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I May be Addicted to Politics. (Also Hit that Subscribe Button).

Summer is passing us by, and I wish I had gotten out more.  But I can’t stop reading about Trump, and the news, and all the other things. It’s the … Continue reading

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Computer Mapping Technology Claims George Clooney has the World’s Most Handsome Face

…but says nothing about his terrible acting skills. If facial symmetry determines aesthetics, are we setting the bar low by not including the other more important human features? Take for … Continue reading

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Big Bust. Heroin Gang in New York Taken Down.

From the Daily Mail. A major heroin ring in New York City was busted this week with federal authorities alleging the dealers flaunted their lavish lives, funded by drug money, … Continue reading

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The Sanctions Bill Needs to be Sent Back for Another Revision

The sanctions bill is claimed to be a restrictive measure against Iran (and by default Russia), but a closer examination of the bill reveals that it is more of a … Continue reading

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I Heard Nikki Hayley Was Looking for Footage of Sarin Gas.

ISIS just happens to have one custom made for her. I’m willing to bet that the Washington Post is already sitting on a ‘final cut’ of this film and is … Continue reading

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Sanctions Part 4

Section 228 lays a trap for President Trump. With the vigor and ferocity that the NYT and WaPo have displayed, to bind and falsely accuse Trump of ‘Russian Collusion,’ section … Continue reading

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Sanctions Part 3

Section 224. If the deepstate or allies falsely attribute cyberintrusions in the USA to Russia, Trump is forced to apply 5 or more of any of the sanctions described in … Continue reading

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Sanctions Part 2

Section 222 forces Trump to ask permission from congress before anything is changed. (which congress will vote against anyways) Section 211 outlines the people and the organizations that Obama sanctioned … Continue reading

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Trump About to Have His Powers Stolen

Interesting. Skimming through the anti-Iran sanctions bill, (which would be more appropriately named if it was called the anti-Russia bill), the wording in it indicates that it is a soft … Continue reading

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The Current Lebanese Prime Minister is Saad Hariri. ISIS Related

Saad Al-Hariri (born 18 April 1970) is a Lebanese politician. He became the Prime Minister of Lebanon for a second time in December 2016. He was also the Prime Minister … Continue reading

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Extremist Group Named After the Former Lebanese Prime Minister

One of the extremist groups allied to ISIS was named after Rafik Hariri. A Former Lebanese Prime Minister. In Syria, if the covert CIA program had stopped giving you weapons, … Continue reading

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The (Amazon) Washington Post. With Friends Like These.

I have not been getting any sleep the last 2 days. An hour of sleep here, an hour of sleep there. I’ve also only had 2 meals in the last … Continue reading

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Chuck Schumer Says “It’s Not Russia,” It’s “You.”

I feel so bad for you guys man. I mean, Schumer had been pumping you guys full of agitprop for 9 months. How does it feel being backstabbed? They teach … Continue reading

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Fact Check Site is Out of the Race

Are you tired of winning yet? Snopes dot com Implodes, Resorts to GoFundMe is a failed liberal blog from 1994.  The website claims to be the internet’s oldest and … Continue reading

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Hentai Tentacle Porn Pervert Booted Out of Newsweek

There’s never a shortage for amusement when looking at Democrats.  Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald has removed all references to Newsweek from his Twitter bio. We speculate he might have … Continue reading

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No Opinions Allowed (On Reddit)

Here is a quick comparison of r/Politics and r/the_Donald.  Notice how r/Politics gets all their talking points from only a handful of news companies? That’s what you call an ‘echo … Continue reading

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NyTimes ‘Buyout’ Packages. Buh Bye Jewel Encrusted Copy Editors.

In my previous post, I said that the mainstream news is losing, and that the New York Times’ employees are ‘cashing’ out. Cashing out wasn’t entirely accurate and I apologize … Continue reading

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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