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Whoa! Natalia Veseltnitskaya Interviewed by RT!

Big news!

“I have absolutely no doubt that this whole information [campaign] is being spun, encouraged and organized by that very man as revenge for the defeat he suffered in court of the Southern State of New York in the ‘Prevezon’ company case,” she said. (Veselnitskaya)

“He wasn’t able to convince the court with his lousy human tragedy that actually never happened, about the fate of a dead man – who he only learnt about after his death.” 

In 2013, Veselnitskaya was one of the lawyers who represented a Cyprus-based holding company Prevezon, owned by Russian businessman Denis Katsyv, in its defense against allegations of money laundering in a court of the Southern State of New York.

The case was settled with no admission of guilt by Prevezon.

The lawyer insisted her meeting with Trump Jr. was aimed at countering Browder’s lobbying in America and had nothing to do with the US presidential election.

This changes a lot.

As far as we know, Obama had approved or was aware, of surveillance operations in place tracking Veselnitskaya in 2016. A handful of DNC and intelligence operatives were involved.

Obama’s hand picked Attorney General Loretta Lynch was also the one who approved Veselnitskaya’s VISA, which then allowed Veselnitskaya to enter the United States to meet with DJT Jr.!

So now that Veselnitskaya has stated that she wasn’t allied to Browder during the DJT Jr. meeting, this leads me to go back to one of the other prevailing theories that Veselnitskaya herself was a victim of catfishing.  Veslenitskaya too was set up by an elaborate scheme to make DJT Jr. look bad!

With this brand new turn of events, it’s now more important to ask: Goldstone, what’s his connection to Obama and the deep state?

If you recall, Goldstone had deliberately planted specially chosen words in his e-mail correspondence with DJT Jr. to trigger a FISA warrant (surveillance).

Veselnitskaya is also in danger presently. She’s now highly visible, which means she’s going to have to be extremely careful. Scary times we live in. Scary times.

Veselnitskaya also said she is now concerned for the safety of her family as it’s been revealed that Browder’s team spied on her family’s activities even before her meeting with Trump Jr.

“It’s been revealed that Mr. Browder and his team have been gathering information about my family,” she told RT, adding, that Browder’s team “found photos of my house and sent them to Kyle Parker… a famous man in the House of Representatives, who worked for Mr Browder for many years – and not for any congressmen or congress as a whole.”

People working for Browder also shared all her personal details with representatives of the State Department, Veselnitskaya said.

Earlier, an email containing an alleged photo of the Veselnitskaya’s house was discovered in a trove of emailspublished online by an unidentified party. It was allegedly obtained from the account of a US State Department intelligence official tasked with monitoring Russia. The email was presumably sent by Browder to Parker on June 6, 2016.




2 comments on “Whoa! Natalia Veseltnitskaya Interviewed by RT!

  1. Simon Gunson

    I neither support Trump nor agree with those attacking him. In fact I pretty much dislike Trump all around, but anybody with a grain of common sense can see all these allegations about Russian interference are being whipped into a frenzy by hysterical allegations

    • Digital Empire

      Absolutely. The corrupt media had promised a Hillary Clinton win, and when that ploy hadn’t materialized, those in the left (who are in the know) are scrambling to keep their constituents from gathering in one place long enough to reflect on their carelessness. But they don’t realize that everybody in the left was “in the know,” and they’re just foolishly shilling each other!

      Occasionally, some of them on the left screw up the party’s narrative, and that’s when they pull out the next big “breaking news” to keep the story going.

      You know, we’re going to be seeing this kinda stuff for the next 8 years!

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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