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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

We Should Be Thankful We Stepped Back From Harm’s Way. (US, Russia, China)

There’s no magic to it. Simply hereditary instinctual responses. Are you under 50? Life treating you fairly? Things are going reasonably well? Then it’s okay to be grateful that Russia and China sided with us in sanctioning North Korea.

You should have seen the anger, on Reddit this afternoon, when they heard the news. People who weren’t even alive during the North Korean war were laying personal claim to settle old scores with the North Korean militia. I highly doubt anybody over 50 browses Reddit, (except for a handful of e-celebs who harvest headlines from Reddit and then repost it back to Reddit, but that’s a given).

We shouldn’t be angry. We should be thankful that Russia, and China voted in favor of  saving lives.  A sanction which scores a financial hit on North Korea, lessens the chances of North Korea doing provocative things to force Trump into war.

If we reflect back on how often we were bombarded with propaganda in the elections, we should then understand that most of it is also still being done to sabotage foreign policy.

Somehow, I think it’s better that we exert influence on North Korea in this way, without having to fire a single bullet, than to respond to the cucking of Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham.

There’s nothing worse for Trump right now, than to have a catastrophic war in which we send 25 to 30 year old Americans to die, because the war profiteers had demanded it.

That and the fact that Russia and China both saw the logic in containing Kim Jong Un, to prevent harm from coming to America’s allies (the South Koreans). That by itself is a blessing.

Don’t fall for McCain’s tricks. He’s neither persuasive, nor talented.


I am really hoping that things don’t escalate.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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