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Daily Archives: 08/16/2017

Racist Guy Pretending to be “notRacist” and Doxxing NeoNazis Gets His Own Patreon Banned

Oh the Irony This is his twitter activity. He claims to not be a racist yet he targets only a specific group based on skin color. MSNBC interviews him and … Continue reading

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Pauline Hanson Enters Senate Wearing a Burqa

The One Nation leader entered the Senate shortly after Question Time began on Thursday afternoon. There were audible groans in the Senate as she entered and someone was heard saying … Continue reading

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Fascists Vandalize Peace Monument After Mistaking it for Confederate Statue

== == == == == == ==  The dove of peace is white, therefore it must be racist! == == == == == == ==

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When CNN Interns Secretly Subscribe to Your Blog

Thanks Jake. This could be the start of something beautiful.

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Liberals Still Believe that Celebs Offer Sage Wisdom

People promptly responded to LadyGagoo, notifying her that soldiers who were prone to self harm were not appropriate combat units in war.

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== == == == == == == ==    When Liberals fail at building relationships, thier first course of action is to call for…    == == == == == == … Continue reading

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Checking Out My Favorite Twitter Hashtag ‘White People.’ Now I Understand America

== == == ==PS: You can’t call me racist if I’m not white. Lah LA LA, LA LA Lah. Let’s watch more CNN.== == == ==  

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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