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Odd Happening. Car attempts to Ram Presidential Motorcade. (Video + Sat Photos/Google Earth)


Car tries to ram Presidential motorcade.

This is the aerial view of the scene. The marked area indicates the location where the car appeared on video.

Screen captures from the video just before the Taurus’ front right wheel hits the wall.

There are 2 pathways that cross onto the ditch.  Both pathways appear to be the tailend of an underground water drainage system (the dark color of the pathway on the left tells us that these are water channels).

On the ground screen captures of the road that leads from the Bass Pro parking lot and into to the bushy area.

The circled area is speculated to be the other possible egress point the Taurus made.  Looking at these photos from Google Earth tells us that it is possible for both water channels to be dry.  It’s equally likely that the Taurus used either pathways. It’s hard to tell. The screencaps from the video leads me to believe the Taurus came out from the one closer to the yellow dot.

A cleaner photo from across the street. Both pathways can be seen in this photo. It’s hard to see the ditch from this angle.

KCTV dot com is reporting it as a brake failure.

Part 2

Part 3


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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