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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

Activision Patents Microtransaction-Based Matchmaking (Jim Sterling)

A short 10 minute video describing how a game company called Activision abuses its customers.

Game engineers have devised a system that targets players by their in-game wealth, to move products through the game’s cash shop.  The goal of this new system is to deceive one of the selected players into spending cash in order for that player to relieve the resulting pang of self-inadequacy. .com/watch?v=ZSpP3Ge-dq0

Is deceiving your customers ethical? Is lying to people as a business practice not a sin? Or a crime? What are your thoughts?

A sleazy scam very much like the ongoing campaign inside of big social media hubs like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook, of demonizing Iran through the blatant use of racism, specifically Islamophobia.  What doesn’t get mentioned enough however is that Daesh was an American joint project that was started in the 90’s by the formation of Al-Queda, which in time culminated to it’s current incarnation: ISIS.

It was co-sponsored by Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s incredible wealth, and the physical distance that separates the Saudi monarchy from the average American makes the kingdom of Saud immune to American based Islamophobia campaigns. Plus all that matters to Saudi Arabia is how closely congress processes their orders.

Israel is automatically excused from close scrutiny because there’s this understanding by uninformed Americans that jews and muslims are natural enemies.

But the one thing everyone should understand is that it’s all a dog and pony show. Saudi Arabia and Iran are religious, and economic rivals. Saudi Arabia uses its vast wealth to lobby congress. Congress tries to convince the taxpayer to pay real money for a military invasion of Iran.

Israel wants to wipe out all muslims in the middle east (save for Saudi Arabia) so that they can bypass UN restrictions of land occupation. Israel is not able to massacre all Palestinians without becoming officially a terrorist state, so their solution is to take what is not theirs by bombing the neighboring countries. Israel is AIPAC. AIPAC controls congress. Congress tries to convince the taxpayer to pay real money for military invasions to the middle east, and ultimately Iran.

Now you know.

Is deceiving Americans patriotic? Is lying to your people as a practice not a sin? Or a crime? What are your thoughts?


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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