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YouTube Feels so Shallow. (On the Outside)

There used to be a thing we all talked about, how websites would tailor their content to suit our tastes.  I’m not an expert on content delivery algorithms, and I’m usually the first person to question the casual murmurs of internet denizens, but the impression that websites tailored their content to suit the viewer’s needs stuck with me regardless.  I’m a casual gamer, and occasionally I like to watch videos about video games.

The general idea in the old days was that if you viewed enough videos of a certain topic, the website would re-organize its content, so that you would see more videos made by other people covering the same topic.  It allowed you to see the many different experiences of several different people, whether it may be about cars, or fashion, or sports, video games.

But no matter how many videos I click on of Black Desert Online, Youtube just never lets me be. Here’s what I mean.

This retarded channel. Buzzfeed. I have never, ever clicked on any of their videos. Youtube keeps throwing trash at me. Additionally, take a look at their videos.

They’re all the same!!! Week, after week, after week. I have never ever clicked on their videos. Ever.

Katy Perry’s O-face. I know some of you guys like Katy Perry, and I’m sorry for saying this, but Katy’s making a funny face, and the word that rings inside my head when I see this is: fellatio.

Fellatio. Blowjob. Head. Cocksu… anyways.

It’s a dirty thought, but because I don’t even know what Katy’s voice sounds like, it’s the only derivative I get from it.

At the same time, her VEVO channel shows up less than 3 rows beneath it. Couldn’t Youtube have just embedded SwishSwish alongside her other videos?

Meanwhile, I’m still re-rolling the Youtube slot machine with the search parameters: “Black Desert Online,”  and I’m watching other videos that were not made by TheLazyPeon, but then when I go back to the landing page, I get this…

I have never ever clicked on Gordon Ramsay’s videos, ever. This channel never goes away.  I like to cook, but I don’t obsess over it. Why does Youtube assume that I would ever click on this.  Now you might say, “well that just shows how Gordon is so well liked, and who cares what you think anyways.”

Youtube used to be a place where people would post up personal videos. Normal people.  Home made videos that were sometimes stupid, and sometimes cringy. Videos about cats playing the piano, or people launching themselves off ramps and causing themselves bodily harm.  That was fun. That was interesting. That’s what made Youtube interesting.

The only videos that Youtube’s algorithm ever serves me are videos like this.

And this.

And this.

It’s as if YouTube’s trying to sell me stuff that I don’t want, while actively trying to stop me from buying stuff that I’m actually interested in.  It almost makes me feel bad for all the independent creators out there, for all the hard work they do to bring us original content.




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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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