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Let’s Say the UK Wipes Out Assad, Guess What ISIS Will Do To the Remaining Syrians When They Take Power.

ISIS carried out terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and London Bridge, and yet the UK and French governments side with ISIS’ allegations of chemical weapon attacks.

One, there will be no checks and balances to law and decency in Syria.  Think about the words “law” and “decency,” then refer to ISIS’ former captives and how they were abused and tortured sexually.

Two, another power vacuum will manifest and tribes will fight over limited resources.

All the weapons left behind will be carted off to the next target state. The most probable target after Syria would be Turkey or Egypt.  It doesn’t matter if Turkey is part of NATO.  They will simply false flag Turkey just like they did with Iraq, and Syria.

We’ll be dragged into another war under new false pretenses.

Europe will be flooded with even more refugees!

There will be even tougher restrictions on speech in western states. And this is amid declining confidence in traditional power structures (ie. the deep state).

You’ll have western police and military men refusing to take orders.  Not only will western states have to deal with unassimilated refugees, but they’ll also have civil wars! Smart!

Public confidence in the Syrian CW report is very very low.  Nobody believes Syria gassed those kids.  But everybody knows that one of these 3 countries were responsible for it.


The UK

The US




2 comments on “Let’s Say the UK Wipes Out Assad, Guess What ISIS Will Do To the Remaining Syrians When They Take Power.

  1. larryzb

    This crisis was by design. You are quite correct that there will be much grief in Western nations and that is what wretched people like Soros want.


    • Digital Empire

      Thanks for your comment Larry. I agree. You know that they have already assigned blame on the Assad government for any reported CW attack. They don’t even try to be clever about it anymore. They’re so desperate that they’ve shed all previous adornments of tact and subtlety. You know it leads one to question the myth of the jewish IQ.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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