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71 Out of 105 US Missiles Missed Their Target.

Not so fast Yahoo news! In this article it claims that a General McKenzie said that no US missiles were intercepted.

A little bit before this paragraph, Mckenzie stated they “took out the heart” of Syria’s supposed chemical weapons.

But if we remember the timeline, the US never provided any proof that Assad had any chemical weapons. The OPCW was slated to begin work today, but Trump ordered the attack to precede the OPCW’s arrival to Douma.  Which is probably why when Mckenzie was pressed later, he stated:

Meaning he either doesn’t know, or two he’s grandstanding.

I guess you could say the entire article is a wash! To further prove my claim, here’s a tidbit from the SOHR (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights). A British, Soros funded, Anti Assad chronicler/blogger who really really hates Assad.

All British missiles were intercepted. I just wanted to include that.

Which brings me back to my original point (and it’s necessary to keep this simple).

a) There was never an independent investigation conducted in Douma prior to the missile strikes

b) the video that was shown to Trump of the dead children frothing at the mouths did not have a time stamp, meaning that the video has not been proven to be from Douma.

c) the video was plucked from social media, not an official government agency. Furthermore, the White Helmets were involved in propagating the video. That’s bad enough on its own.

d) the general felt it necessary to lie to the Associated Press about the 71 downed missiles.

e) they left themselves an open door for future missile strikes under false pretenses when they claimed that “there was a residual element of Syria’s program out there.”  Meaning if the intended target really had been ((the chemical weapons)) they should have been certain they were actually hit, not this namby pamby well we could strike Syria again in April next year.

Put these 5 points together and you start to see the bigger picture, and realize that the US military command is not to be trusted.  If a general is willing to let himself get caught in a lie in this day and age, you know he never bothered to clue himself in onto the internet revolution.

As a side note, I think it would be best if people discarded this notion that America is a nation built on honor.  Yes we know about the rapidly expanding void that is the Fake News, and yes we know our politicians are scum, but we still haven’t been able to shrug off this parasite which drags us back again and again about how America is the best. Based on the facts I’ve laid out above, it’s clearly evident that the US is a nation of unscrupulous cheats. No offense, but Trump really needs to shake off the mobsters blackmailing him.

Here’s another timeline.


Trump took control of the US presidency from Hillary and the Deep State.

Trump begins his assault on the Deep State, arresting pedophiles, exposing corrupt officials, and exposing Hollywood predators. (Harvey Weinstein, Senator Al Franken).

The old guard Deep State flees back to their country of origin, Britain.


A Russian military transport was brought down just before landing in Syria. 60 dead.

A Russian passenger jet was brought down in central Russia by the Deep State. Hundreds of Russians dead.

An Iranian passenger plane was brought down by the Deep State.  They blamed it on bad weather. Hundreds of Iranians dead.

The UK poisons Skripal and tries to start a war with Russia.  Russia sanctioned.

A pedestrian bridge collapses during a stress test at a university in Florida. Several dead.

A fire was started in a northern Russian mall just before Easter. Many Russian children dead.

A series of US military choppers and planes crash. All on US soil.  Trump had already expelled over 100 Russian diplomats at this point. The nation is on high alert and highly Russophobic at this point.  Who else gets a green pass on US soil, because it’s not the Russians.

A video purportedly sprouts on social media claiming that Douma was hit with chemical bombs.  This was revealed right after Easter.

Easter in the Talmudic religion is when they practice child sacrifice.  This was the message they sent to both Putin and Trump.

A fire was started on the upper floors of Trump Tower.

Mueller raids Trumps attorney’s office.

Trump was blackmailed to strike Syria.  <—this is where we are right now.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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