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If I Were to Say that What Happened to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was Rude and Unnecessary

A liberal would respond by saying: “Rude?!! Is that all? You really are a weak champagne MAGApede socialist! Sissy!”

And that is an incorrect way of reacting to a conversation. The correct way of responding would be:

“Yeah. It was kind of rude, but she deserved it for being a Trump supporter, and I’m really really angry!”

Right, but take it down a notch.

“I admit, it was kind of rude for the owner of Red Hen to ask Sarah Sanders to leave. But it was well within the restaurant owner’s rights to discriminate against whomever he wishes, because he owns the place.”

Right, but ease it up a little further

“Yeah, you’re right. It was really rude. There needs to be a system where American citizens can get in touch with the house of representatives in order to voice their concerns, and to actually have the house of representatives represent the American people, rather than the high powered lobbyists (Soros) exclusively.”


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3 comments on “If I Were to Say that What Happened to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was Rude and Unnecessary

  1. jonolan

    Too little, too late. Americans’ domestic enemies have made it clear that we are at war. Therefor, every one of them is now a valid target for any reprisal an American wants to enact upon them.

    • Digital Empire

      i really hope a middle ground can be found. I don’t like seeing people get hurt. It’s too heartbreaking.

      • jonolan

        There can be no “middle ground” when the Left already took it, wasn’t satisfied with it, demanded more, got that more, and still isn’t satisfied.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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