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RT & Fox News on Putin/Trump Meeting.

What is my opinion? None of your business, get your own opinion! Just kidding folks. I liked it, but I’m a little disappointed. There’s a big gap between what is being said by RT and what is being said by Fox.

I was afraid that Trump would figuratively get the ‘lion’s share’ of the deal, and he did. Putin agreed to let Mueller investigate the 12 suspects named in the indictments, and to me that’s not a very good thing because of Rosenstein’s claims, which itself was based on career brinksmanship.  Rosenstein only did it because he was publicly humiliated at this congressional hearing with Jim Jordan. But I suspect that there might be more at play here than what Putin lets on. Perhaps Putin has a plan to expose Rosenstein and the deep state. We will have to wait to see what happens.

Rosenstein was the one who made the claim that 12 Russian hackers hacked the elections.

Putin did say that he expected it to be a two way street. He will ask Russian prosecutors to investigate the 12 suspects named in the Rosenstein/Mueller indictment, (if Mueller makes a formal request). He would also allow Mueller to attend. In exchange Putin wants the US to allow an investigation into Bill Browder.

RT emphasized what Putin and Trump said, while Fox was forced to report what the fake news and the shit senators said. Like I give a flying fuck what the fake news thinks. (Actually I do, but fuck the fake news regardless.)

Due to the deluge of negative energy on social media, ‘opinions’ now count for ‘news’ in the US, rather than facts.

Fox is only reporting what they see and hear of the US political consciousness, and I commend them for dutifully carrying it out. What upsets me is that US political consciousness can’t get past the part about “Russian collusion,” (allegations).

I don’t understand how the Democrats could be so functionally retarded.  I’m being forced to repeat myself to say that there was never any Russian collusion because the Democrats are utter nitwits.

The Democrats think that Putin won. I think Trump won.  But it was never meant to be a competition. It was supposed to be a meeting to improve US-Russia relations.


Trump: Russian, US Militaries Get Along – Perhaps Better Than Our Politicians

-Donald Trump thanked Russia for its help in eradicating Islamic State in Syria, and says that the two countries’ armies cooperate well, despite operating side-by-side in the crowded battlefield in the country.

-“Our militaries do get along. In fact our militaries get along better than our political leaders,” said the US president in response to a question from RT’s Ilya Petrenko. “They do coordinate in Syria and other places.”

-“When you look at the progress that has been made in certain sections with the eradication of ISIS – we are 98 or 99 percent there – and other things that we’ve done, and in fact Russia has helped us in certain respects,” Trump also said

-Although the country wasn’t mentioned in RT’s question, which concerned potential future cooperation between Moscow and Washington in Syria, Trump additionally appeared to suggest that Israel holds the key in the region, and that both countries are interested in helping Benjamin Netanyahu ensure the security of his own country, which borders the conflict.

Putin Laughs at Suggestion that Russia Collected Dirt on Trump

-“When Trump came over to Moscow, I was not aware of it. When he came over as a businessman, I was not even aware that he was in Moscow. Take the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. More than 500 senior executives from the US came over to Russia. Do you think that we are compiling compromising material on all of them? Well, definitely it’s absurd. I cannot really imagine anything more absurd than this. So please, throw out this nonsense.”

Russia & United States Can Compete & Work Together in Enery Market – Putin

-“I believe that we, as the largest oil and gas powers, could work constructively to regulate international markets, because we are not interested in acute prices drops, because producers will suffer from this, including shale oil and gas projects in the United States,” said President Putin in response to a reporter’s question regarding the future of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

-The United States is a major opponent of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will double gas flows through the existing pipeline from Russia to Germany. While President Trump cites concern for European energy security as the reason, he admitted during the press conference that it is also a competition issue for US liquefied natural gas (LNG).

-Trump reminded everyone that the US has become a global leader in oil and gas production, and that “we will be competing when you talk about the pipeline,” adding that Russia is a “good competitor.”

-Putin suggested creating a working group that would unite leading businesses from Russia and the US. He also stressed that gas transits through Ukraine will remain despite the construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany, if Moscow and Kiev manage to find a solution in their legal dispute over gas transit in Stockholm Arbitration.

‘The Ball is on Your Side’: Putin Symbolically Hands Trump Football to Answer Syria Question

-Although the World Cup is over, Russian President Vladimir Putin maintained a football theme at a summit in Helsinki with US President Donald Trump, handing a ball over to answer a question about discussions on Syria.

-At a news conference following the summit, President Trump was asked whether US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s comments regarding operations in Syria that “the ball is on the side of Russia” were correct, and if so, what were the president’s next steps.

-In response, Trump thanked Russia for its cooperation in the “helping of people” in the deliverance of humanitarian aid and the eradication of 98 percent of Islamic State forces in Syria, while also praising the military relationship between the two countries.

-President Putin mentioned his discussions with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, who was present at the World Cup final on Sunday and was pictured celebrating wildly after France’s victory, of plans to “step up” humanitarian aid efforts in which Russia was prepared to provide its cargo planes and work to resolve the problem of refugees.

-“The ball is on our side. The football metaphor you just used, the president just said that we finally conducted the World Cup. Now I would like to pass over the ball to president Trump. Now the ball is on his side. The US is expected to host the 2026 World Cup,” President Putin said.

-The action was not only a literalization of football jargon, but also symbolic of passing on the responsibility of hosting the World Cup; a joint bid of the US, Mexico and Canada was announced as the winner of the right to hold the 2026 version a day before Russia 2018 began in Moscow.

-Receiving Putin’s presentation with a smile, Trump paid perhaps the highest compliment to Russia’s hosting of the tournament, by stating he hoped the country would emulate the success of the recent tournament.

-“That’s right, thank you very much, we do host it. We hope we do as good a job, that’s very nice. That will go to my son Barron, we have no question in fact, Melania, here you go,” the president said, before bouncing the ball to his wife and US First Lady sat in the front row.

-If Mueller Investigation Sends Official Request to Question Suspects, Russia Will Do That – Putin

-Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if Moscow receives an official request from Mueller investigation, then Russian will question them according to the treaty dating back to the nineties.

-Under that treaty, officially titled the ‘Treaty between the Government of the United States of America and the Russian Federation on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters,’ Putin said the probe “could send an official request to Russia so that we hold an investigation or questioning of those individuals and our prosecutor general offices will look into it, hold the questioning, and then send all those materials to the US.”

-“We can even make another step forward, we can also invite US official representatives – including members of the Mueller probe – to be present during the questioning,” Putin said.

-US President Donald Trump has stated that the Mueller probe is a “disaster” for the US.

-Putin called claims of meddling in the presidential election “absurd,” and requested a single fact to prove the allegation.

-“I think that the probe is a disaster for our country, I think it’s kept us apart, it’s kept us separated, there was no collusion at all, everybody knows it,” Trump said.

-Russia would, however, expect for such cooperation to be a “two-way street,” meaning the US  would allow Moscow “to question those officials including from the security services that we believe are behind illegal activities on the territory of the Russian Federation with the presence of our investigators,” Putin said.

-Putin proceeded to speak about the Hermitage Capital case, noting that according to Russian investigators, business associates of CEO William Browder illegally earned more than $1.5 billion.

-“They didn’t pay a cent of taxes but they transferred the money to the US and they also donated $400 million to the Clinton campaign – $400 million. They might have done it legally, but they earned that money illegally,” Putin said.

-The Russian president stated that there is evidence to believe that some within the US security services helped Browder to “conduct those illegal transfers.”

I Wanted Trump to Win – Putin

-“Yes, I wanted him to win, because he talked about the need to normalize US-Russia ties,” Putin said, answering a direct question from a journalist during the joint press conference with Donald Trump following the Helsinki summit.

-“Candidate Trump was talking about the need to re-establish relations with Russia. That led to an opinion among the Russian people that he was the preferable candidate. That’s natural,” Putin said.

-The Russian president left the second part of the question unanswered, however, regarding whether he “instructed” his officials to help Trump, since he had discussed the allegations of meddling earlier during the press conference.

-“Russia did not interfere and is not going to interfere into American domestic affairs,” Putin stated, adding that this point had been made repeatedly. Moscow was ready to participate in a joint investigation with the US of any such allegations, however, if any real evidence was presented, the Russian leader said. Such work could be conducted by a joint Russian-US cybersecurity group, the idea of which was floated by Putin during his last meeting with Trump in Hamburg.

Trump Can Listen, But Keeps His Own Opinion on Many Issues, Yet US & Russia on Right Track – Putin

-Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that the Helsinki summit with Donald Trump was more fruitful than expected, stating that the US president is a competent man, who knows how to listen, yet stand his ground.

-“I did not hold my expectations high, since it’s our first meaningful meeting. It was designed to have a warm-up nature, so that we can have more concrete talks in the future,” Putin told reporters late on Monday. “But it turned out different, our discussion proved to be really thoughtful.”

-Russia’s leader described his US counterpart as a “competent man,” who is able to listen to arguments of others, yet stand his ground. “He’s a very competent man, he’s in the know, he listens. On some issues he stands by his opinions,” Putin stated.



Trump Faces Bipartisan Criticism Over Press Conference with Putin

-The U.S. president, for his part, called the summit with Putin “deeply productive.” After Democrats for days called on him to nix the meeting in the wake of indictments against Russian officers for U.S. campaign hacking, Trump said he would “not make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics.”

-He cited progress on a range of issues, and said it would be a “good thing” to get along with Russia.

-However, the president angered members of both parties by saying both countries share blame for damaged relations and by not firmly standing by U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections.

-Democrats, meanwhile, cranked up the volume on criticism that had already been building for days — especially after 12 Russians were indicted for allegedly hacking Hillary Clinton campaign and other Democratic groups’ emails in 2016.

-“I didn’t know the president. There was no one to collude with, and there was no collusion with the campaign,” Trump said, suggesting Democrats have used the issue an excuse for losing. “We ran a brilliant campaign, and that’s why I’m president.”

-Throughout the joint press conference, Putin emphatically and repeatedly denied meddling in the U.S. election, saying there’s “no evidence.”

Trump Blasts Mueller Probe, Putin Denies Meddling as Leaders Tout Summit as ‘Success’

-President Trump and Vladimir Putin tackled allegations of election meddling in unprecedented terms following their one-on-one summit Monday, with Trump opening the door to an unusual offer of cooperation in the special counsel probe and the Russian president suggesting he indeed favored the billionaire businessman in 2016.

-But Putin, emphatically and repeatedly, denied meddling in the U.S. election, saying there’s “no evidence.” And Trump, while saying they spent a “great deal of time” discussing the allegations, blasted the ongoing probe as a “disaster for our country.”

-The two leaders spoke at a freewheeling joint press conference following a pair of meetings — one private — in Helsinki, Finland. Trump and Putin touted the summit as a “success,” vowing to improve ties on a range of issues.

-“I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics,” Trump declared.

-During their press conference, few topics were off limits. The session with international reporters ended with Putin being asked whether he had compromising material on Trump, which he dismissed as “nonsense.” Even that moment was overshadowed by the extensive comments on election meddling.

-Trump once again asserted there was “no collusion.”

-And when asked whether he would extradite the 12 Russians allegedly involved, Putin instead detailed a plan, which Trump called an “incredible offer.”

-Putin offered to question the 12 indicted for meddling in the election, and added that Mueller’s team of investigators could be present for questioning, if U.S. officials would “reciprocate.” He suggested this would mean Russian agents could be present for questioning U.S. officers “of interest” to them.

-Meanwhile, Putin suggested he favored Trump in the election, saying, “Isn’t it natural to be sympathetic towards a person who is willing to restore the relationship with our country?” But he maintained there was no election interference.

-The two leaders said they discussed a host of other issues during their meeting Monday in Helsinki, and were working toward strengthening U.S.-Russian relations — which Trump said “has never been worse than it is now” despite the push from Democrats and some Republicans back home in the U.S. to cancel the summit.

-But he said the relationship has changed. Trump said he would “not make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics, the media or Democrats who want to resist and obstruct.”

-At one point, Putin handed Trump a soccer ball and said “the ball is now in your court.”

The Nation Reporter Booted from Trup-Putin Press Conference After Holding up anti-Nuke Sign

-An Op-Ed writer for The Nation was forcibly removed from a press conference with President Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Monday after holding up a sign that read “Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty.”

-Sam Husseini, the communications director at the Institute for Public Accuracy in Washington D.C., and an opinion writer at the liberal magazine The Nation, was physically taken from the room by Finnish security shortly before the two world leaders entered to begin their press conference at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki.

Terror Expert Compares Reaction to Trump’s Russia Efforts to Obama’s: ‘It’s Glaring Hipocrisy’

-Former U.S. Army Special Forces member Jim Hanson said that the criticism President Trump is facing for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is hypocritical to what the Obama administration faced in 2012.

-Hanson, during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” specifically called out former President Barack Obama’s hot mic incident with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the lax media reaction to it.

-Obama told Medvedev that after the 2012 election, he’d “have more flexibility.”

-The former U.S. president and Medvedev were talking about missile defense, Hanson added, saying that the world’s security was actually being put at risk.

-“The media at that point in time had nothing to say,” he said. “Now, President Trump wants to make a less-antagonistic relationship with the Russians … and all of a sudden it’s the worst thing that ever happened. It’s glaring hypocrisy.”

Media Slamming Trump After Putin Summit: ‘One of the Most Disgraceful Performances by an American President’

-The media came down hard on President Trump following Monday’s joint press conference in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with pundits and anchors on both sides of the political aisle bashing the American leader’s performance.

Putin Eats Trump’s Lunch in Helsinki — This is No Way to Win Against Russia

-There was nothing inherently wrong with Trump’s summit with Putin. In fact, I would argue that in many cases, some of the best diplomacy comes through face-to-face meetings with adversaries. Still, the meeting was highly problematic in how little Trump delivered on the serious issues surrounding Vladimir Putin and Russia’s place in the modern world.

New York Times Offends With Homophobic Cartoon Depicting Trump, Putin as Lovers

-The New York Times shared a bizarre video cartoon that features President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in a sexual relationship that has been slammed as “a disgusting new low” for the Gray Lady.

-“Donald Trump’s not-so-secret admiration for Vladimir Putin plays out in a teenager’s bedroom, where the fantasies of this forbidden romance come to life,” the paper’s Opinion section captioned the animation on Twitter.


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