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Guided Bomb Fragments At Site of Yemen Bus Airstrike Trace Back to Lockheed Martin

-The MK-82 is a 500-pound air dropped guided bomb which US Air Force and military publications previously touted as “causing the least amount of collateral damage” — US defense contractors have over the past few years sold the MK-82 to Saudi Arabia under contracts worth tens of millions of dollars.

The CAGE Code, or Commercial and Government Entity Code, is a number assigned to suppliers of various government or defense agencies which provides a standardize method to track military items to a given facility at a specific location. According to one defense contracting consultation site, The Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency, (DLA) assigns the five-character ID and uses alpha numeric identifier is assigned to entities located in the United States and its’ territories.

-In 2016 the Saudi coalition, of which both the US and Britain play a lead role, used the US-made MK 82 guided bombs to attack a funeral in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital city, which killed over 140 and wounded at least 500 more.

At that time The Intercept identified external bomb fragment markings found in the debris to track it to the United States.


-Previously last week, just before the horrendous attack on the school bus, Nauert had unambiguously stated the Saudi coalition’s ongoing airstrikes on Yemen are legitimate and justified.


-The Pentagon has long tried to present its role in the conflict as attempting to stave off humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, yet as even NPR confirmed while reporting from inside the country earlier this year the US military “has provided targeting information, equipment and aircraft refueling to the Saudi air campaign, which has been widely criticized for being indiscriminate and killing civilians in places like hospitals, funerals and homes.”


https://www  .zerohedge  .com/news/2018-08-12/guided-bomb-fragments-site-yemen-bus-airstrike-reportedly-trace-back-lockheed


2 comments on “Guided Bomb Fragments At Site of Yemen Bus Airstrike Trace Back to Lockheed Martin

  1. larryzb

    Yes, good post. And, the late Victor Thorn (1962 – 2016) wrote a book, 9-11 Evil, that makes a persuasive case that the 9/11 terror acts were done by Israel. 9/11 was both an inside job (Zionist dual loyalists in the US gov’t and in high tech companies) and an outside job (Israeli companies and players). The official story is crude propaganda.

    As well, the US is selling arms that the Saudis are using to kill and terrorize the Yemeni people. The US is the world’s largest arms dealer/seller. What an unethical trade to be engaged in.

    • Digital Empire

      It’s almost as if the invasion of Iraq was to clear a path for Saudi oil. To undercut Russia’s export of oil to the EU. To sever Iran from Syria. To turn Israel into an oil exporter. Countless people were killed on Israel’s “say so.” WMDs, the biggest lie of the decade.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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