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3 Items for Late Tuesday, Early Wednesday. (Syria)

Humanitarian corridor opened in Idlib

Non militant civilians have used the humanitarian corridor at Abu al-Dahur to flee ISIS controlled Idlib on Tueday. Men women and children are using this opportunity to seek protection with the Syrian Government. The Syrian government will keep the humanitarian corridor open for seven days to give the civilians sufficient time to flee to safety.

Idlib is currently occupied by HTS, Hurras Al Deen, and Al Queda.

Prisoner exchange

A prisoner exchange has transpired between Syrian government controlled Albukamal City and ISIS controlled Idlib. A report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), writes that Albukamal city has released 400 ISIS prisoners, and that they have been transported to Idlib. This happened late Sunday evening and early Monday morning.

In exchange, Druze civilians in Sweida have been freed from captivity and are in the process of being transferred over to the Syrian government.

This was an exchange between the Syrian government and the ISIS factions currently occupying Idlib.

The SOHR report was very light on details, but it appears that the Druze civilians were moved from a volcanic region called Al-Safa to the Deir Ezzor Governorate. It also claims that the civilians are still being held captive in an undisclosed area? That they haven’t been fully freed from captivity? Sounds very dubious.

This report was found on Gulfnews dot com, AlMasdarnews dot com and Syriahr dot com.

Europe has transferred chemical weapons materials to ISIS controlled Idlib

The Russian Foreign Ministry tells TASS dot Com that several European states have facilitated the transfer of chemical weapons materials to ISIS in Idlib. The Russian Foreign Ministry appears to be purposely keeping the details on this very light. They didn’t say which European countries were responsible for the transfer of chemical weapons.

Probably for security reasons, and maybe they’re waiting to expose these countries soon.

A false flag chemical hoax appears imminent. It will all depend on the outcome of the newly established demilitarized zone by Moscow and Turkey. It’s a 10-15 km demilitarized zone in Idlib.

HTS, the dominant ISIS faction in Idlib are not signatories to this demilitarization deal. Neither are the Turkish militant groups who occupy the adjacent areas.  The Turkish militant groups are regarded as terrorists by the government of Turkey; they’re somewhat gray area militants in the eyes of Moscow and Syria.

The US of course supports all militants that are allied with ISIS. That goes without saying.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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