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Christian Zionists, You’re So Funny! Noah’s Three Sons.

Shem, Japeth and Ham. The word Semite is derived from Shem. Hamethite from Ham. Japethite from Japeth. Modern day Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, and Iraqis are descended from the biblical semites.

Dr Elhaik’s the Missing Link of Jewish European ancestry.

Dr Elhaik’s paper, ‘The missing link of Jewish European ancestry: contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses’, examined a comprehensive dataset of 1,287 unrelated individuals of 8 Jewish and 74 non-Jewish populations genotyped over 531,315 autosomal single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). This was data published by Doron Behar and colleagues in 2010, which Elhaik used to calculate seven measures of ancestry, relatedness, admixture, allele sharing distances, geographical origins, and migration patterns. These identified the Caucasus-Near Eastern and European ancestral signatures in the European Jews’ genome along with a smaller, but substantial Middle Eastern genome.

https:// phys .org/news/2013-01-european-jewish-population.html

Unmarried Jewish men migrated to Khazaria 2000 years ago.

The study, published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, analyzed samples of mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down only from the mother, taken from more than 3,500 people throughout the Near East, the Caucasus and Europe, including Ashkenazi Jews. The researchers found that more than 80 percent of the maternal lineages of Ashkenazi Jews could be traced to indigenous Europeans, with four maternal founders responsible for 40 percent. Although Jewish men may have migrated into Europe from Israel around 2,000 years ago, they brought few or no wives with them, according to the researchers, who suggest that the men married and converted European women, first along the Mediterranean and later in western and central Europe.

https:// www .haaretz .com/jewish/.premium-ashkenazis-derive-from-euro-women-1.5348602

Jewish descent is passed on from the Jewish mother only.

Matrilineality in Judaism or matrilineal descent in Judaism is the tracing of Jewish descent through the maternal line. Virtually all Jewish communities have followed matrilineal descent from at least early Tannaitic (c. 10-70 CE) times to Modern times. The origins and date-of-origin of matrilineal descent in Judaism are uncertain. Orthodox Jews, who believe that matrilineality and matriarchy within Judaism are related to the metaphysical concept of the Jewish soul, maintain that matrilineal descent is an Oral Law from at least the time of the Receiving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai (c. 1310 BCE). Conservative Jewish Theologian Rabbi Louis Jacobs suggests that the marriage practices of the Jewish community were re-stated as a law of matrilineal descent in the early Tannaitic Period (c. 10-70 CE).

https:// en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Matrilineality_in_Judaism

Out of 8.92 million modern day Israelis, 2.8 million are Ashkenazi Khazar descendants.

Ashkenazi Jews in Israel refers to immigrants and descendants of Ashkenazi Jews, who now reside within the state of Israel, in the modern sense also referring to Israeli Jewish adherents of the Ashkenazi Jewish tradition. They number 2.8 million (full or partial Ashkenazi Jewish descent) and constitute one of the largest Jewish ethnic divisions in Israel, in line with Mizrahi Jews and Sephardi Jews.

https:// en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Ashkenazi_Jews_in_Israel

This guy is Khazar Ashkenazi

So is this guy

And this guy

Meaning that this guy down here has a stronger ancestral claim to Israel because he is an actual semite.

Because both his mother and his father, and their mothers and fathers are descended from biblical Shemites.

This is why Christian Zionists panic whenever Palestine comes up for debate. It undercuts the American WW2 fairy tale of Khazarian settlers being biblical semites.


4 comments on “Christian Zionists, You’re So Funny! Noah’s Three Sons.

  1. Mind blowing post


  2. larryzb

    Methinks the figures above may be wrong for present day Israelis, perhaps there is a transposition of the numerals. About 90 per cent of the world’s Jews are classified as Ashkenazim, at least in the various sources I have seen over the years.


    • Digital Empire

      I suspect the same. What was the national count for the American Jewish population? It was something like 4%? It must be an obfuscation of some sort like the way that Hispanic Americans are counted as whites.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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