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Best NAFTA Explanation I’ve Found So Far. Mexico BTFO.

But so did consumers and big box retailers…

I checked the CBC, Al Jazeera, theStar, theGlobeandMail, and Zerohedge, but this one by McClean’s offers the clearest explanation so far.

https://www .macleans .ca/economy/the-usmca-explained-winners-and-losers-whats-in-and-whats-out/

These are the changes made to NAFTA. (Gathered from CBC, McClean’s, Dairyfarmers, Michaelgeist and iPolitics)


Cars need to be 75% “made in North America.” Up from 62.5%. Trump’s global automobile tariff exempts Canadian autos by 2.6 million vehicles per year. Canada had been exporting less than 2 million each year so this gives Canada more headroom to sell cars. 40% of cars imported to the US must at least be made by workers who earn $16/hr.

Mexico BTFO because American factories in Mexico ain’t got time fo dat. Canadian auto workers already make $20 to $30/hr so who cares lol.


US dairy farms get access to 3.6% of Canada’s dairy market. Up from 3.25% in the TPP. Previously US farms had been smuggling diafiltered milk products into Canada through a legal loophole. US farms complained to Trump so Trump targeted Canadian milk.

Diafiltered milk is essentially milk that is diluted over and over so that only milk protein is left (+ a bunch of water). Diafiltered milk, under Canadian import laws, is classed as a tariff free “ingredient.” Canadian law stipulates that Canadian cheese must have a minimum percentage of proteins sourced from “milk.” US farms exploited the loophole when Canadian processors imported the diafiltered milk as “ingredients,” but used it as “milk” when processing cheese.

Canada on the other hand had put a system in place called Class 7, which regulated milk ingredients prices. Note the 7 classes of dairy products where class 7 is the cheapest out of them all. Class 7 was introduced in the spring of 2016, and it covers products such as skimmed milk, milk powder and protein concentrates (diafiltered milk is a protein concentrate). This made Canadian ingredients cheaper, and it effectively locked US farmers out from exploiting loopholes.

Class 7 got axed.

But it doesn’t matter because this bru-ha-ha only happened because of a glut in the dairy supply. It was only done because of a rise in demand for butter which both countries sought to exploit in order to ease the glut in the dairy industry.  Butter – cheese: see the disconnect?

Diafiltering separates butterfat from non fat-solids. Butterfat is used to make butter, non fat solids are filtered to make diafiltered milk.

The change from 3.25% to 3.6% is more of a symbolic thumbs up for legal loopholes, than it is for correcting trade imbalances. Criminals vindicated! (But what else is America known for other than criminality anyways?).


No changes.

Chapter 19 changed to “Chapter 10”

Chapter 19 under NAFTA allows a nation to block imports if it feels that it is being treated unfairly. It allows 2 nations to sue each other. No changes.


Grocery store shelves in Canada must now stock American made wide. Previously, American products were only allowed shelf spaces in liquor departments “within” grocery stores. Basically Canadian consumers will now be forced to read the labels before buying wine. Canada BTFO.


Copyright protection goes up from 50 years to 70 years.  Multinational corporations win (because who else gobbles up rights to intellectual IPs more than multinational corporations), Youtubers BTFO.

Canada has empowered US and Canadian customs agents to jointly interdict shipments under the auspices of “anti-counterfeiting.”  Red tape essentially, because such legislation already existed previously. Another funnel for taxpayer money to disappear into limbo.

TV Shows

The Superbowl must now contain American commercials. Previously, American commercials were cut out and replaced with Canadian ones.  Expect a rise in American degeneracy infecting Canadian culture! Guns, gangs, and designer drugs anyone?


In the TPP, personal information was required to be stored within the local jurisdiction. Whether this meant by city or state or province is unclear. The new NAFTA deal restricts Canada from imposing data localization rules, meaning bye bye to privacy. The new NAFTA deal also restricts countries from imposing limitations to personal information being transmitted across borders. Bye bye privacy.

In the TPP, internet based companies were given protections from lawsuits stemming from the transmission of objectionable content. It made it so that companies were not liable for the stuff that people posted up online. Everybody feared that this (the TPP) would give corporations power over governments. The new NAFTA deal restricts countries from building lawsuits premised on internet company liability. Everybody now fears that corporations have been given power over governments.

If an internet company voluntarily removes objectionable content, they are not protected by the new NAFTA deal.

Soros sponsored content will now get free and unfettered access to social media through its proxies. Governments can no longer sue companies when subversive regime change media is transmitted.

Say hello to censorship on steroids.

Globalists win.  Internet BTFO.


Life saving drugs will now have a “copyright” protection put in place. Increased from 8 years to 10 years. Big Pharma wins. Sick people BTFO.

Duty free shopping

Previously, Canadians enjoyed $20 of duty free shopping. Now it’s up to $150 duty free and $40 provincial tax free.  Amazon online wins, American brick and mortar shops BTFO. Canada cross border shopping BTFO.

Feeling left out yet consumers? Because prices haven’t changed. Except for maybe autos. But we’ll see.







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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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