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Things that Pope Francis Can Do to Help Catholics in This New Age

I’m a Catholic right? So who would be in a better position to criticize Catholics than someone who is actually Catholic? Certainly not witches and sorcerers.

First we have to get this out of the way because it is hot in the media, and because it’s a mental block. A broken record on infinite loop.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it isn’t just the sheer controversy which fuels it, but also the metaphysical force that seeks to muddle the psyches of those with the actual abilities to fix the church. It’s a parasitical force that bogs the church down.

Predator priests. Pope Francis needs to crack down on them. Cut off those ties and consequences be damned. Forget the political fallout and drain the swamp.

Because then, you would have room to fix the other things plaguing the Catholic church.

Alright, now that we’ve appeased the mainstream, let’s talk about Pagan symbols. These things are what I would call bad optics. These things drive spiritual energy away from the church. Energy that is not only valuable, but also very very hard to generate. Energy that is drained from the Church and is redirected to evil. It empowers them and it needs to stop.

If the pope seeks to strengthen the Church, he needs to cleanse the church of Pagan symbols.

These are photos of the staff that Pope Francis used on the October Youth Synod. Some say that it was meant to symbolize humility; shedding the lavish accoutrements of the Catholic church.

But it looks bad.

It looks like a Pagan staff. That nail sticking through the cross arms is hideous. It encourages witches and sorcerers. It gives them motivation to curse the Catholic church.  I couldn’t believe it was real at first, but it turns out that this staff was actually used in the October Youth Synod. That staff looks bad. It needs to be quarantined.

And this one. The bent staff. It was sculpted for Pope Paul VI by Lello Scorzelli. Jesus is crucified in a Y shape. It’s hideous, and it reminds people of witch craft. It is different from traditional crucifixes where Jesus’ arms are parallel to the cross arm.  The Y shape is an occult symbol. This staff also needs to be quarantined.

Lastly, the Resurrection. With this one, I don’t care as much. It’s meant to remind us of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was sculpted with the intent to steer humanity away from mass extinction. A plea for humility.

And it’s quite effective. This image is brought up all the time. The hideous appearance punches us in the head and reminds us that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were absolute acts of cruelty.

But on the other hand, this sculpture is also used to criticize the Catholic church. It is really hideous, and it’s bad optics. It reminds people of horror movies. It makes people think evil thoughts. So even though it was made with a positive intent, it still damages the Catholic church.

But then again, if the sculpture were to have been made to look beautiful, would that not have been a glorification of nuclear bombs? Hmm something to think about. Perhaps it is the diversity of artistic viewpoints that makes the Catholic church such an undecipherable thing for non believers. Perhaps it is this non uniformity that brings Catholics together.

Perhaps it is a way to market the Catholic church to Pagans. To bring more Pagans in to the fold.

But then again, crossing that gray line with the sole intent of increasing the church’s size is disobedience to God.

Perhaps it’s time for uniformity.


2 comments on “Things that Pope Francis Can Do to Help Catholics in This New Age

  1. larryzb

    There is an irony of sorts about the atomic bombings of Japan. Both cities had Christian citizens, with Nagasaki having the largest community of Christians in Japan. Some assert that Nagasaki was not a secondary or tertiary target on 9 August 1945 as we read in the history books, but rather was the primary target by a Masonic Truman.

    Good post above with very valid and timely points. As a Catholic, I wish the Church would get its act together as well. Some more orthodox Catholics see Francis as a tyrant as he is changing Church teachings by fiat (which he has no true authority to do). There is a growing push back from Catholics around the world to his “novelties”.

    • Digital Empire

      I remember people talking about this, though I didn’t know about the Truman part. What a messed up time we live in. You know some say that some people just want to watch the whole world burn. I just want to turn this video game off and go to sleep. That’s how hopeless it feels from my viewpoint. We can’t change the past, and the behemoth that lies before us is resolutely opposed to us changing the future.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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