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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

The Washington Post Should Carefully Consider If It Should Continue Supporting Democrats Who Side with Saudi Arabia

The White House has released a statement on the Kashoggi murder. You can find it at Whitehouse dot Gov. In the statement, it reads that despite the findings, President Trump will continue to support Saudi Arabia. The reasons are: military contracts, Israel, and Iran. The Washington Post’s employees are undoubtedly quivering in fear. There appears to be minimal to zero repercussions for the slaying of a Washington Post contributor. The Trump Administration has sanctioned 17 individuals, but as far as I can tell the names of these 17 individuals have not yet been released. Are they the same 17 individuals who flew in to Turkey the day that Kashoggi was assassinated? I don’t know. I’m not getting the sense that the media is blasting any of this information out. The Sauds have indicted 11 mystery individuals, and 5 have been given death penalties. No names were given out though.

But the core of the matter is that Democrats in congress will be leveraging this scandal by making backroom deals with President Trump. That’s government corruption firing on all cylinders.

Now if WaPo is worth its name in salt, it would dutifully investigate AAAAALLLLLL the Democrat congressmen who side with Trump’s assessment.

Aren’t these exciting times? We get to see just how badly WaPo flip flops on the Kashoggi murder because its principle interest is not so much seeking justice for the death of one of their own, but rather it is the effort to impeach Donald Trump. If WaPo, going forward in the next few months keeps Kashoggi in their headlines, then we might even see a restoration of the public’s faith in establishment journalism. It would be a rebirth of the Washington Post. But I can tell you right now, placing trust on establishment journalism would make a very bad bet.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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