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Sometimes you just have to piece things together yourself. Here’s the real reason why Trump cancelled the G20 meeting with Putin.

Last night Trump abruptly left the Christmas tree lighting.

Then all sorts of conspiracies emerged.

A creepy ABC reporter stalking Trump.

He feigned innocence.


The secret service got involved.

No reason was given as to why Trump left the Christmas tree lighting event. And as if on cue, the (left wing) Deep State flooded social media, coercing folks into thinking that Trump fled to the situation room, to get a briefing on the Kerch Strait incident between Russia and Ukraine.

This is the Kerch Strait incident. Ukraine sent Navy gunboats to the newly built Crimean bridge in territorial Russian waters. Their intent was to provoke a response from the Russian navy in order to get NATO to send warships to the Azov Sea.

And right on schedule, the next morning, the White House announces that they have cancelled a G20 meeting with Putin. All part of the script.

But what really happened last night was this.

Israel flew into Syrian airspace and attempted to drop bombs and fire missiles at civilian centers.

I mean what else could have been so important that it tore the president away from an AMERICAN tradition such as the Christmas tree lighting? If Rachel Maddow thinks that Putin pulls the strings in the White House, she’s obviously covering up for the real power in congress.

There’s only one sacrosanct entity treated with immutable veneration by eunuchs past, and it isn’t “America.”

Israel feigned ignorance.

Here’s something to validate my findings.

Turkey has nothing to do with Ukraine or the Kerch Strait. But Turkey IS IN ISRAEL’s crosshairs because Turkey has refused to give logistical and military support to ISIS.

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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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