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Monday Night Post. Cops and Robbers Edition.

I was looking up Robert Mueller on Google. I was motivated by this tweet by President Trump. You know, President Trump has a lot of interesting things to say. If only liberals can stop and listen for a few moments.

And you know, what President Trump said was true. There are thousands of articles on Bob Mueller doing criminally astounding things.  Bob Mueller is really the ‘go to guy’ when somebody wants something buried.

Considering that it’s been over 2 years and over $40 million spent, the fact that he hasn’t found any Russian collusion yet should make it obvious that:

1 Mueller is not doing what they tell us that he is doing.

2 Mueller has found a lot of incriminating things on congressmen/women, and is now actively concealing it.

It’s why the house and senate are content to let Mueller exist, but they don’t insist on putting him front and center. They leave it up to the proxy media to do all the talking. In a sense filtering out their involvement in Mueller’s deeds, but giving Mueller just enough slack so that their crimes are tucked away neatly. I bet if Trump arrested Mueller, Trump would find a lot of shady stuff.

Anyways, there’s this one story about Mueller. This one, I don’t know what to say.

Mueller was the chief investigator for the PAN AM 103 case. This was in 1988.

Maj. Charles Mckee of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) had been on a mission in Beirut to rescue hostages.

Maj. Mckee unexpectedly discovered ‘operation COREA.’

Operation COREA was a CIA drug smuggling front.

The CIA blew up PAN AM 103. Maj. Mckee and his team coincidentally had been on that flight and all of them died as a result.

Mueller blamed it on some random Libyan named ‘Megrahi.’

Megrahi was released from prison in 2009. He died in Libya in 2012 just in time for the Arab Spring. What a twist!


I also read that Mueller had been one of the people who investigated Whitey Bulger. Whitey Bulger of course was the big bad mafia boss and FBI informant.

Whitey Bulger had been feeding the FBI information on the Italian-American Patriarca crime family. Mueller worked to convict four men for murders they didn’t commit so that Whitey could keep snitching for the FBI.

Whitey Bulger was the real life crime boss who the makers of the film ‘The Departed’ say was the inspiration for the role that Jack Nicholson played; the character named Frank Costello. The film is about a corrupt FBI agent who takes orders from Frank Costello. Matt Damon played the corrupt agent, and Leonardo Dicaprio played an undercover state trooper tasked with infiltrating the mafia.  This film received four Oscars. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screen Play, and Best Film editing.

This film was okay. Suspenseful. I love Dicaprio. Nicholson was also pretty cool. What Hollywood didn’t mention though was that this movie was a carbon copy of another movie called:

I knew I’d seen this movie before! Infernal Affairs was an HK movie. The Departed was released in 2006, and Infernal Affairs in 2002. Miramax (Harvey Weinstein) purchased the US distribution rights in 2004, and Scorsese remade it for Warner Bros in 2006. Infernal Affairs was really good. A really good detective movie.

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I popped that DVD in; expecting that DiCaprio and Damon would be working together to take down a mafia boss, but it ended up with both of them fighting each other. It was a still a good movie though. It wasn’t what I expected but to be honest, I like these sorts of movies where protagonists fight each other. Twists and turns. It’s different because it doesn’t feel like a linear progression. You’re here in this place in one moment, and somewhere else the next, and if you don’t pay close attention, you’ll forget where you were. But I wonder just how many millions of people are out there who think that everything about the film, what they said, what the movie was based upon, all the rave reviews; I wonder just how many millions of people believe it all to be real.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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