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Para La Guerra NADA. The Venezuelan People Reject the False Song of Marco Rubio’s Stripper Mix Tape

That’s pretty quick of the Venezuelans: bringing attention to the imminent invasion by US democracy peddlers. Para La Guerra NADA, if I remember my Spanish correctly, means “for war, NO!” … Continue reading

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TruNews: Israeli Mossad is in Venezuela (Video)

    6:30 A retired general in Venezuela texted a Jewish Latino associate of the show. 300 mossad agents left Israel on a plane headed to Venezeula. “There’s going to … Continue reading

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Good Guy Maduro. Crowd Comparison.

This looks to be about the same size as the Trump rallies back in 2016. Most likely even bigger. “Yankee go home!” I’m sure billions of US tax dollars have … Continue reading

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US Weapons Bound for Venezuela Set on Fire by US Backed Protesters

It’s a good time to remind everyone that Venezuela does not want any ((humanitarian aid)) from the US. They have all the food they need. Also, Marco Rubio was a … Continue reading

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The DuPonts are Regarded as One of the “Weaker” Elite Families

This is a continuation of that Venezuela post from 1 week ago. An anonymous poster claiming to have worked with mid level spooks did a 2 day Q&A where he … Continue reading

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American Senator Rand Paul on Boycotts. (Video)

Boycotts are an extension of the first ammendment. Here’s Rand Paul pushing back against dual citizenship congressmen who plan to turn America into a feudal state.

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Nathanael Tells Us His Struggle of Being Christian

Nathanael, a Christian convert, talks about Chomsky, Farrakhan, and briefly about him growing up a Christian.  He has a good heart, but he is persecuted for his beliefs.

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Random Acts of Kindness (Video)

Ah yes. This is such a beautiful video. This is why I’m still a Catholic because I believe in this kind of thing. This is my idea of a perfect … Continue reading

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2 Vids Debunk the So Called ((Venezuelan “Humanitarian” Crisis))

  Aran Tirado films herself at a mall showing what clearly appears to be a perfectly functioning system. This tells us that the so called “humanitarian crisis” is a power … Continue reading

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ISIS Surrenders in Eastern Syria

The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in eastern Syria have begun surrendering themselves to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after a string of losses in the eastern Euphrates River Valley region. … Continue reading

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Russia, Syria to Open 2 Corridors for Refugees Stranded in US Controlled Area

Moscow and Damascus will establish two humanitarian corridors in an effort to rescue refugees “stranded” without medical assistance and supplies at Rukban tent camp in the US-controlled zone in Syria. … Continue reading

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Neo Nazi Tommy Robinson Smears the Streets with Fear as he Fights on the Frontlines for Zion

Ah the ol’ skidmark parlor trick. It’s such a classic. All the great thespians do it. Tommy Robinson said he’d be on the frontline fighting for Israel against Palestine. Here … Continue reading

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Yoav Litvin: All Zionist Roads Lead to Genocide

By Yoav Litvin – an Israeli doctor of psychology and neuroscience.   Zionism supporters feel threatened by the intersectional solidarity that women like Ilhan Omar represent. Over the past week, … Continue reading

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Cosplayer is Shot in the Leg (Ricochet) for Filming a Synagogue Guard (Part 2)

In the video it was clear that the guard waited until no-one was looking before discharging his firearm. But that didn’t stop the Jewish Telegraph Agency from claiming that the … Continue reading

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Cosplayer is Shot in the Leg (Ricochet) for Filming a Synagogue Guard

You’re not allowed to be on the sidewalk apparently. Today is a bad day to be American. Reading the comments, the people replying are calling this man a “her.” It’s … Continue reading

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Drink Up, Someone Else Will Pay for It.

Alt righters love this kind of art because it’s ironic. I think it’s doubly ironic given the timing of it all. This is apparently Garrison’s latest work. Published on the … Continue reading

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Pompeo When He Got off the Plane: “Pay Money.” Next Day, Netanyahu Calls Poland a “Nazi State.”

Everybody point at Poland and laugh! Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised the issue of Holocaust-era property restitution during his first official visit to Poland. Poland is the only country … Continue reading

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Jewish Democrats Defend Ilhan Omar. The Pro-War Cottage Industry is Seething!

Fresh fresh. Right after the grilling of Elliot Abrams comes a new wave of Jewish democrats who support Ilhan Omar. Unbelievable courage by this congresswoman. David vs Goliath in the … Continue reading

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Ilhan Grills Elliot Abrams on Genocide and Warcrimes.

Elliot Abrams quickly turns indignant due to his islamophobic hate for the congresswoman. I’ve never seen a government employee act this way before, except for that time with Rod Rosenstein. … Continue reading

02/13/2019 · 2 Comments

Icarus Flew Too Close to the Sun. Here is Why Pelosi is Quietly Terminating the Mueller Investigation

+ Luke Skywalker supports Ilhan Omar. You know that Mueller found lots of juicy bits during his two year probe. But what he found was not flattering for the left … Continue reading

02/13/2019 · 1 Comment

Ilhan Omar Smeared For Criticizing AIPAC’s Influence (The Rational National)

All the snowflake shills are wiggin out! Ilhan Omar really poked the gargantuan hornet’s nest! Youtube is being flooded by throwaway bot accounts.  Online internet forums are being raided by … Continue reading

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Ilhan Omar is Hot Right Now! (+ Bonus Video by Lighter Shade of Brown)

Hey DJ, just play that song, keep me dancing all night long.  Here are some of the alt-righters who are connected to high powered lobby groups in DC. …………… …………… … Continue reading

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Ilhan Omar, the First Muslim Woman in Congress is Absolutely Tearing it Up on Social Media!

Good for her. We need more strong women willing to stand up to modern day oppression! Followers everywhere are coming to her side to support her as she faces absolute … Continue reading

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From Cardi B, to the The Grammys, to Urinating on Women. We Draw a Straight Line.

Aren’t you glad your grandparents fought in World War 2, just so that you can have all this? Be thankful ya filthy ingrate! 3 people who won at the Grammys … Continue reading

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AIPAC is on FIRE this Morning!

Twitter is spit roasting AIPAC right this minute! SAVAGE! BRUTAL!   Freedom. But only a sip for this moment.   Imagine that! It takes a woman of color to shine … Continue reading

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A Really Good Read Here on Venezuela (Desultory Heroics)

The backstory Venezuela was an oil monoculture. Its export revenue was spent largely on importing food and other necessities that it could have produced at home. Its trade was largely … Continue reading

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This is How Online Video Games Spy on You

Every big title comes with anti cheat software and anti piracy software. These programs scan for minute changes in the game directory files such as file names, file sizes, and … Continue reading

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