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Para La Guerra NADA. The Venezuelan People Reject the False Song of Marco Rubio’s Stripper Mix Tape

That’s pretty quick of the Venezuelans: bringing attention to the imminent invasion by US democracy peddlers. Para La Guerra NADA, if I remember my Spanish correctly, means “for war, NO!” I might have gotten that wrong but I’m not exactly a linguist.

Isn’t it interesting that in Spanish, the word for tongue is “lengua?” In English we use the word “language.” In ancient Chinese it’s “Leng Wo.” In Latin it is called “lingua.” In Norwegian it’s “tunge.” We’re all the same people here on this Earth, and we’re all human beings except for this one sassy hedonist Marco Rubio. He worships false gods and thus shouldn’t be trusted to not give 10.4 million dollars a day in socialist welfare to Israel in the form of foreign aid.

Anyways, hundreds of Maduro supporters came out to support the country’s leader on Saturday, wearing bright red shirts that are sure to catch the world’s attention. As ill willed and misinformed as the EU parliamentarians can be, they’re not going to be able to ignore these bright red Venezuelan shirts.

https://www. telesurenglish. net/multimedia/Chavistas-March-in-Defense-of-Venezuela-20190223-0018.html

And it’s not just the fact that these Venezuelan people fear American aggression.

Nor is it the fact that when those Humanitarian aid trucks were lit on fire by US backed protesters, the US mainstream media blamed it on the Venezuelans.

Nor is it the fact that Richard Branson failed to draw a crowd to his fake concert on Saturday…

https://www. moonofalabama. org/2019/02/venezuela-no-more-than-20000-people-came-to-bransons-concert-stunt.html

It’s the fact that Guaido and the Venezuelan oligarchs fled the country that weekend precisely because they anticipated chaos and mass killings. They planned it from the start.


The first videos that the Bolivarian National Guard made to the trucks after burning at the border come to light, it turns out that remains of cable rolls and the famous miguelitos were found, used to puncture rubbers and to block streets.

This shows that the entry of “Humanitarian Aid” was a plan prepared to put thousands of guards inside Venezuela and create disturbances, leaving dead and injured, which would justify some US military action or mercenary groups that would enter next.

That explains why Guaidรณ fled the country 1 day earlier, when the famous failed concert was held, which only 40,000 people attended.

Apparently there is also evidence that the guarimberos or (paid delinquents) were in that concert, where they were given from alcohol to drugs, preparing them for the action of the next day on the bridge, that explains why the rich and oligarchs were separated from the opposition. poor in the concert, because among the poor there were a lot of criminals.



Nail spikes?

(It almost looks like an exploding caltrop but those things are supposed to be ancient chinese tech according to wikipedia. The nails attached to the device does make it look like a caltrop through, so I’m not sure.)


the famous miguelitos =



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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