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The New Zealand Shooter’s Manifesto

Here is a screenshot of the shooter’s manifesto. It’s complete white nationalist propaganda. I’ve made a few notes that point out the similarities between white nationalism and Jewish supremacy. He was from 8chan and there were a lot of critical flaws in his manifesto. 8chan users aren’t exactly known for having a collectively intelligent world view, so these flaws were bound to happen. Take a gander at just what makes a white supremacist’s brain tick.


2 comments on “The New Zealand Shooter’s Manifesto

  1. larryzb

    Hey, this ain’t the way to change the immigration laws in the Western world. This guy is against how immigration is changing Western nations. There are points of agreement I, and many others, have with him. But, this is not the way to get the issue up for a public, national debate. His act will set back the efforts of many groups that are acting within the law to change immigration policies. As well, look for revenge type attacks by Muslims on Christians and ethnic Europeans in the coming months, sorry to say.

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    • Digital Empire

      That’s true, and thats how very many people view this tragic incident on the internet. What this guy did was a classic example of sabotage. He tried to spark a civil war by pitting all races against each other. The evidence is how his manifesto contradicts the white supremacist ideology through the use of memes. The Candace Owens part was to unleash the media attack dogs upon African americans. The China part was to set off liberals against Asian americans. The “muslim invaders” part was to set off muslims against White americans. The Christian part was to set off atheists against Christians. The eco fascist part was to set off right wingers against environmentalist.

      The entire manifesto was mischievously and purposely designed to accelerate tensions across many segments of society. He knew he would be villified and so his intent was to decompartmentalize the ethnic and political buffers, and to goad people into engaging in an arena style civil conflict.

      A lot of what he wrote was in-line with white nationalism, but at the same time it was peppered in subtle sabotage and misdirection.


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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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