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So You Wanted to Know More About Anders Breivik. Let Me Take You on a Journey.

Remember this guy who got away with killing Christian children? This is the guy that the New Zealand shooter had mentioned in his manifesto. Everybody’s whispering Anders! Breivik! But they don’t know a whole lot about it.

If you look at both Brenton Tarrant’s story, and Anders Breivik’s story, you will see the same MO, the same circumstances, the same motivations, and dare I say it, same benefactors? You ever wonder why Breivik gets a posh luxury cell complete with a TV and a playstation? You ever wonder why a mass murderer would get so much politcal immunity? Curious? Keep reading then ya crazy sonuvabish.

On July 22 2011, Breivik killed 77 people. 69 of them were in the Worker’s Youth League on Utoya Island.

Breivik also blew up the Regjeringskvartalet. That’s a government building.

That building was where the office of the prime minister’s was located.

Jens Stoltenberg was the prime minister at the time. Jens Stoltenberg is now the chief of NATO. That building was also where the foreign minister worked. Jonas Gahr Store.

That’s Jonas Gahr Store on the left. Why did Breivik shoot up Utoya Island where all those children were playing?

One day prior to the shooting, Jonas Gahr Store held an anti-Zionist rally.  Perhaps I need to fill in some more blanks.

Norway was opposed to the cruel treatment of Palestinians. They were preparing to recognize Palestine as an independent state.

Now we’re not going to mention any names. Right now we’re going to point out the similarities between Breivik and Tarrant.

In particular, Breivik’s motivation: Anti immigration. Oh and look here, multiple shooters that the news had censored. Just like New Zealand.

Now here’s where it gets deep. The Regjeringskvartalet is also where the Norwegian oil ministry offices were located.

Take a guess why the oil ministry was targeted?

Because 1 year prior, Norway had cancelled 2 contracts with Israeli reconstruction companies.

There’s an additional note on this at the bottom of this post.

Do you want to know something else?

An important figure very close to Israel and AIPAC was probably one of the people who gave Breivik the green light to carry out the operation. This guy went to Norway to do speeches, but he was thrown out on his ass for being a warmonger. Guess who?

Alan Dershowitz. Jeffrey Epstein’s best buddy. Trump’s butt buddy.

That was 5 months before the shooting. That’s 5 months he held a grudge before Breivik did Dershowitz’s bidding. Him and Israel’s bidding, and whoever else stood to exact vengeance on Norway.

US Evangelicals.

4 years after the shooting, American Evangelical Zionists gloated. Nevermind that Christian children were killed. Nevermind that Evangelicals claim they are Christians. No. To Evangelicals, no act is too evil for them to commit.

Now you know.

The $3.2 billion dollars that the US gives to Israel annualy does not get re-invested back to the US in the form of military purchases like the Mossad shills say. No, that money that the US gives to Israel is not an arms voucher. That money is used to build houses on top of demolished houses in Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel bombs Gaza and the West Bank, then Israel takes the American money and uses it to build settlements. It’s a continuous loop of bombing rebuilding, bombing and rebuilding. That’s what CNN and the Mossad don’t tell you.



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Questions You Should be Asking the World Around You

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